How to enlarge a penis with folk remedies at home

Since the beginning of the existence of mankind, special attention has been paid to the penis. By its size, they tried to judge not only the physical, but also the moral qualities of its bearer. True, not always a lot is good. For example, the ancient Hindus did not at all seek to lengthen their dignity.

On the contrary, they believed that only the owners of small and medium-sized penises could give a woman the most pleasure. And besides, they have a state mind and are able to occupy the highest military and bureaucratic posts. Other people are heirs of a different culture, in which it is believed that the more, the happier the woman and the more envious of the man.

measuring a banana in the form of a penis and ways to increase it

But what are "many" and "few"? American scientists, having measured more than 15 thousand men around the world, have calculated that the average length of the penis is 13. 1 cm in an erect state. If the phallus is more than this indicator, it means that the man has achieved everything in life that he dreamed of. If less, it might be time to think about penis enlargement. True, according to the same scientists, in fact, a man's penis is about two times longer than its visible part. So even the owners of "small" ones are not really as unhappy as they think.

There are many tips on how to enlarge your penis with folk remedies. However, they all require patience and time. For those who do not have either one or the other, there is another way out, which is also the most effective - a surgical operation. True, at the same time it is still bloody, painful, has many consequences such as treating inflammation, erectile dysfunction and orgasm problems. But it's beautiful.

Traditional medicine rushes to the aid of those who do not dare to put the most expensive under the surgeon's knife, traditionally offering a number of ways to increase their dignity. From exotic and expensive ones, like eating sea worms and ingesting rhino horn powder, to old ones, tested by grandfathers and great-grandfathers.

Is it possible to enlarge the penis with folk remedies

For many men, the question of how to enlarge the penis with folk remedies is very important and at the same time very intimate. Not everyone will risk contacting a sexologist with a similar problem. However, there is a fairly simple, but at the same time effective technique, suitable for "home use". This is stretching the penis with weights and rubber bands. Thus, the ancient Incas pulled off the flesh.

They say that the owner of the world's largest penis, Roberto Cabrera, increased the length of his dignity from an average size up to an impressive 48 cm in exactly this way (which did not lead to a rich and varied sex life at all). True, this increases only the foreskin, behind which the most ordinary penis of standard sizes is hidden.


Popular psychology claims that consciousness determines being, and self-hypnosis is a great force capable of much. That is, if a man has a small penis, he can enlarge it through meditation and self-hypnosis. The body is said to respond by releasing more hormones in response to mental stimuli. These chemicals, in turn, contribute to the addition of the cherished centimeters.

Here's how to do it using self-hypnosis:

  • Once or twice a day, a man should devote 10-15 minutes to thinking about his penis, imagining its desired length. It is better to indulge in such reflections at home, in a calm and secluded atmosphere.
  • It is important here to carefully visualize every detail of the changes, paying attention to even the smallest details at first glance.
  • The clearer the imaginary picture, the more effective the result will be.

Phyto influence

The principle of action of folk herbal remedies to increase the length of the phallus is the ingestion of herbal decoctions, which help to improve blood supply, as well as the state of the body as a whole. It is difficult to achieve amazing results in this way, but it does almost no harm. For those who are interested in how to enlarge the penis with folk remedies using the power of Nature, we can recommend supplements with ginseng, Chinese lemongrass, hawthorn fruit or horn goat weed extract.

Ointments and creams

Many ointments and creams on the market contain biologically active substances and doses of male hormones. As a rule, good results are achieved by young people whose body has not yet completed its growth. The older ones have less impressive results.

These funds are usually combined with warm compresses, which improve the flow of blood into the cavernous bodies, make the skin surface soft and elastic. This is a condition of any massage - energetic massage can damage the skin that is not preheated before.

The most affordable folk remedies for penis enlargement

One of the most popular means for enlarging the penis is hawthorn decoction. It improves blood circulation and promotes better filling of the cavernous bodies with blood. Accordingly, the penis becomes stronger and lengthens slightly during erection. A decoction of rose hips works according to the same principle. Another well-known remedy is Chinese medicine preparations based on ginseng root extract. In addition to improving blood circulation, the miracle root helps to increase libido and potency.

decoction of rose hips for penis enlargement

One of the main advantages of such folk remedies for penis enlargement is the almost complete absence of side effects. Unless, of course, the recipient is not allergic to one or another component of the drug. At the same time, a general improvement in well-being will clearly benefit the man.

Baking soda

Popular remedies include using regular baking soda. The man takes a hot shower to warm up and soften his skin. And after it he lubricates the skin of the penis with cream or vegetable oil and applies a little soda (powder or gruel) on top. Then he thoroughly massages the penis for several minutes; you should avoid getting soda on the head, this can cause a burning sensation. The effect does not last long - only a couple of hours. The procedure should be avoided by people with skin lesions, hypersensitivity or the presence of inflammatory processes on the surface of the penis - this can give a lot of unpleasant sensations.


This folk remedy for penis enlargement, although well known, can lead to injury or even serious illness that is unlikely to contribute to the growth and development of the penis. Its principle of action is simple: petroleum jelly is injected under the skin of the penis with a medical syringe to create the illusion of volume. In much the same way, some bodybuilders simulate the presence of muscles with synthol. The effect of increasing the volume is created not only by the presence of an additional substance under the skin, but also by the inflammation caused by it.

  • At first, not everyone succeeds in distributing petroleum jelly evenly under the skin of the penis. It is unlikely that the man himself and his partner will like the bumps, protrusions and other ugliness that suddenly appeared on the penis.
  • Secondly, a foreign substance trapped under the skin will certainly provoke inflammation. And this will cause far from the most pleasant sensations both when urinating and during sex. Moreover, inflammation can provoke the development of a tumor, which then will have to be removed surgically - up to amputation.
  • Thirdly, even with careful observance of medical safety measures, it is still possible to get an infection into the body. It threatens with many unpleasant consequences - up to erectile dysfunction and even impotence.
  • Fourth, an abundance of petroleum jelly can cause an allergic reaction - redness, itching, skin rashes. And rashes, even on a giant penis, do not paint it at all.

For these reasons, this method is not recommended. What's the use of a giant penis if it can't be used?

Before using even the seemingly most harmless folk remedies for penis enlargement, you need to consult with a specialist urologist or sexologist. Many men who are unhappy with the size of their penis are actually quite normal in size. And their problem is, as they say, in the head, and not in another organ.