Penis enlargement exercises

man doing push-ups

The length of the penis is a parameter that is laid even at the time of embryonic development. Yes, factors such as genetic predisposition and race affect penis growth. But basically, this is a roulette - someone is lucky with the size, and who suffers from complexes. It is good that today there is a lot of information on how to "pump up a member" using the so-called penis-building (building-build). There are a lot of techniques, the main thing is regularity and safety.


The purpose of this method is to increase the thickness of the penis. And the secret is to artificially retard blood flow in the genitals. This technique is called extreme, since a deviation from the rules of its use threatens with serious problems with intimate health, up to impotence.

clemping for penis

The exercise will require a special cable clamp, which the Nupers (pursuers of the idea of natural penis enlargement) call "CC" for short. The latching mechanism design is safe as it allows the organ to be released at any time.

To fix the device, you will need an elastic bandage, as well as a cord so that it does not slide off the penis. And now directly about the technique:

  • The member is wrapped with an elastic bandage so that it does not touch the head;
  • The cable clip is inserted at the base of the phallus and snaps into place.

Everything is quite simple, but it is important to follow the recommendations:

  • 100% erection should not be allowed, otherwise the risk of vascular injury will increase;
  • Regularity is fundamental to success. Workouts are done 4 times a week;
  • Graduality is the key to minimizing unpleasant consequences. It is worth starting with 30-60 seconds, and only after 1-2 months switch to sets of 5 minutes. One approach cannot last longer than 15 minutes. This is dangerous even for experienced nupers.

According to the reviews of men, after six months of regular training, the increase in penis girth is 1. 5-2 cm.

Jelqing: dry and wet

The technique came from Arab countries, where, as you know, men boast of rather large phallus sizes. Boys from the age of 8 learn the jelq exercise and use it until they achieve the desired result.

dry and wet jelqing for penis enlargement

As in the first case, the effect comes from an increase in blood flow. No additional tools are used during jelqing. All it takes is water, grease, and a hand.

Nupers still divide wet jelqing into two subspecies:

  • With water in the shower;
  • With a cream or lubricant.

So, in the first case, a washcloth is used. Warming up this bath accessory, the man wraps it around the penis, as if steaming the muscles. It is recommended to "refresh" the temperature every 30-40 seconds, that is, the male organ should always remain warm.

It will be correct if such preparation takes at least 5 minutes. Then the man folds his index and thumb into a ring. Grasping the phallus in this way, you need to move upward with effort. The Nupers call this method "milking, " and this word perfectly demonstrates the process.

It is necessary to bring to the head carefully, without affecting this erogenous zone. For the result, it is recommended to do 100-200 repetitions. Regularity is 2/2, 3/3 and 5/2 after a month of practice. If water treatments are not to your liking, you can use a lubricant that does not quickly absorb into the skin.

Dry jelqing differs only in that neither water nor lubricants are involved in the massage procedure. Nuopers are not very fond of this method, since it is more traumatic and leads to sprains.

Julia's exercise

An even more dangerous technique has grown out of clamping. The conditions remain the same - the member must be 60-70% erect. It is better to warm up the penis a little before starting the exercise.

  • The phallus is wrapped around the thumb and forefinger and squeezed strongly;
  • In this position, you need to linger for half a minute;
  • Without reducing the effort, the fingers move to the middle of the penis and stop for the same time;
  • After that, the hand moves to the head, not reaching 2-3 cm. And again 20 seconds in a motionless state.

This approach takes about a minute. You can do up to 5 sets daily, giving yourself 2 days off a week. After a month, the exercise time increases to 2-3 minutes.


In African tribes, men used stones to grow their penis. Today, penis enlargement is offered in many ways. But the cargo technique has not lost its relevance.

hanging weights for penis enlargement

The whole point of stretching comes down to the fact that microcracks appear on the genitals. In the place of such breaks, new cells are formed. If the process is regular, the result will be a qualitative "increment" of the phallus both in length and in width.

This is also an extreme method that requires maximum safety. The instruction looks like this:

  • It is important - the complete absence of an erection;
  • It is necessary to bend the foreskin to the base of the penis;
  • By squeezing the head, remove the blood from it;
  • The penis is wrapped with an elastic bandage over the entire surface;
  • A rope is attached to the edge of the bandage, and a load is tied to the other side (it is better to use special hooks);
  • The structure is connected when the weight is on the floor;
  • Then the load is lifted by hand and slowly released;
  • The maximum stretching time for a "beginner" is 10 minutes.

It is worth starting with 200-300 grams, gradually increasing the weight to 3 kg. The schedule for such gymnastics at first looks like this - 1/3, then 3/3. Ideally, you want to bring your exercise routine to 5 days a week with 2 days off. The result is manifested individually.


Jelqing and yuli can be included in this group, since they are also based on manual techniques. But the following manipulations are actually called massage:

  • Pulling. . . The penis is grasped with fingers and is stretched by force up, down, left and right. The time spent on each side is 30-60 seconds. The number of repetitions is at least ten. It should feel like a pump is attached to the penis and pulls it out.
  • stretching for penis enlargement
  • Flexion. . . Helps not only increase blood flow but also correct curvature. You need to grasp the penis with both hands. One firmly holds the penis at the base, and the second with an effort bends the penis in different directions. Regularity and consistency is the same as when pulling;
  • flexion for penis enlargement
  • Squeezing. . . Helps to increase the diameter of the organ. Sensitively squeezing the base of the penis for 5-10 minutes is best done after the previous techniques;
  • Twisting. . . It resembles squeezing a wet towel, only you need to wield not with the whole hand, but with an ok-grip. Each movement is recorded with a 5-second pause.
twisting for penis enlargement

Kegel exercises

This system, developed by physician Arnold Kegel, serves as a useful exercise that reinforces the benefits of other techniques.

Exercise is easy at home, driving, and at work. To squeeze and unclench the muscles that are involved if a man wants to stop urinating, it is necessary for 5-10 minutes every day.

You can delay compression for as long as possible and increase the number of approaches. This kind of exercise will be effective only under the condition of long and regular exercise. Potency improves, stagnation disappears, the effect of massage and other methods stabilizes - in general, some advantages!


The interesting name explains the essence of the exercise. A man needs to achieve a stable erection, and then rotate his pelvis in different directions for 2-5 minutes in each direction. A very useful exercise, which is suitable as a warm-up on the day off from penbuilding.

bell exercise for penis enlargement

Taoist Practices and Other Teaching Programs

The ancient method of lengthening the penis and correcting its shape resembles manual techniques of twisting, stretching and squeezing. Only this should be done in conjunction with breathing exercises. And also gently pressing on the perineal area with three fingers of the left hand at the time of manipulation.

There are also a number of practices in yoga that affect the growth of the penis. This includes meditation as well as teaching tantric sex. It will be difficult for a guy who is far from this philosophy to immediately move to this level. Therefore, those who are interested in concentrating and channeling energy in the right direction (penis growth), it is better to start with the basics and exercise.

Aaron Kemmer's book includes more detailed descriptions of the home activities that lead to stable penis growth. The author focuses on the safety of the exercise. The Kemmer system is a collection of useful tips that will allow you to bring each method to perfection.

The proposed methods should be used in combination. The use of a vacuum pump will be a big plus. Modern simulators allow you to enlarge the penis due to the rush of blood without injuries and special efforts. Customer reviews confirm the effectiveness of pumping, especially in conjunction with massage.