How to independently increase the length and thickness of the penis without surgery?

The most effective technique for enlarging a penis is surgery. But it requires specific indications, in addition, it is a great risk to the body. Therefore, alternative sparing methods are much more often practiced - manual, folk, medication, as well as with the help of various improvised means and tools. First, decide what size of the penis is considered normal. Then compare with the available data. If you are missing a couple of centimeters in diameter and length, try different techniques described in detail below - jelqing, stretching, hanging weights, massage, masturbation, drugs, traditional medicine recipes.

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How to increase penis size at home

The size of the penis is an urgent problem that worries many men. Before choosing techniques on how to increase the size of your penis at home, decide whether it is necessary in principle. Physiology sets the limit at 8 cm, which means that the phallus is less than this indicator in a state of erection is considered a deviation from the norm. The statistics are slightly different:

  • Europe - 15-16 cm;
  • Asia - 10-11 cm;
  • Africa - 17 cm;
  • America - 13-14 cm.

Most men fail to achieve the maximum degree of erection, which means that the correct techniques and exercises will help increase the length and thickness of the penis. The simplest and most accessible technique is manual exercises aimed at increasing blood microcirculation, increasing the elasticity and extensibility of the corpus cavernosum.

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One of the most effective techniques for increasing the length of the phallus is Jelqing. Exercise helps to strengthen local blood circulation, maximizing blood flow, which makes the tissues elastic. But to achieve noticeable results, you need to practice Jelqing for 3-6 months.

There are 2 ways to do it:

  1. Wet for newbies in such a business. A prerequisite is the use of a lubricant, lubricant, any moisturizer. After applying it with a ring of index and thumb, grasp the base of the phallus, then stretch it towards the head. Move the ring exclusively upward with a stable compression, rhythmically. You can use two hands at once.
  2. Dry for experienced men in Jelqing. Performed on dry skin, do not apply lubricant. Grasp the penis with your entire palm, then alternately stretch the penis with forward movements with both hands. Do not use the head, it will be enough to massage the trunk. Bring the exercises to 200 repetitions, divide them into a morning, evening session. Pay attention to the compression ratio so as not to injure the skin.

Perform these exercises for about 20 minutes daily to notice significant changes in 2-3 months. Observe the measure, do not pinch the girth, otherwise tissue tears cannot be avoided. Increase the force of influence gradually as you gain experience.


You can enlarge the penis at home with the help of special stretching. A prerequisite is proper preparation, it consists in warming up the tissues. To do this, you can take a warm bath, hot shower, or make a warming compress. After that, perform several types of stretching of the phallus:

  1. Power stretching. Take a sitting position, warm up your penis and lubricate it with lubricant. Grab the head, gradually extend the organ in front of you, lock in for 5 seconds at the maximum possible distance. Direct the organ to the right in the same degree of tension, lock in, now perform the same manipulations, but to the left.
  2. Circular stretch. The principle is the same, but stretch the organ clockwise. One workout includes 20 rotations, each time you can increase the number of repetitions.
  3. Sitting stretch. You need to achieve a small erection (about 40% of the possible limit), then direct the penis towards the buttocks, sit on top of it. Be careful not to hurt yourself. This pressure increases the thickness of the penis.
  4. V-stretch. This method requires absolute softness of the penis. Grasp the head with a ring of fingers, pull it away for a few seconds. At this time, with the thumb of the second hand, press on the base of the phallus, draw it to the head. To avoid feeling pain, squeeze the head.
Stretching a man to enlarge the penis

Suspension of loads

Traumatic exercise with negligible results is popular in many countries. Regular practice can provide an increase in length, while the thickness remains the same, and even slightly decreases in some men. To avoid injuries to the skin, blood vessels, follow the execution technology:

  • pull back the flesh of the penis, wrap the organ with an elastic bandage;
  • attach the cord with a weight with a hook to the bandage;
  • when fastening the load, it should lie on the floor;
  • take the load in your hand, stand up, then carefully lower it.

The first procedure can last about 1 minute, make sure that there is no severe discomfort and pain. Finish with a relaxing massage. The maximum allowable hanging time is 10 minutes.


Any massage is aimed at enhancing local blood circulation, activating the skin. To achieve positive results, choose a massage technique, and then perform it for at least 3 months in a row. As it will be:

  • bring the phallus to an erect state;
  • apply a lubricant to your hands and body;
  • move your hand from the base to the head without touching it;
  • perform massage with stroking, rubbing, stretching movements.

During these actions, control the erection so that tactile contact does not lead to ejaculation. Increase the intensity of impacts gradually so as not to get injured. Alternate massage with stretching techniques.

Correct masturbation

It is possible to increase the length and thickness of the phallus using the correct masturbation techniques. There are several options for how to do this:

  1. Grasp the prepared penis at the base, run your palm along the trunk without touching the head. The organ should be directed downward or forward. Return the hand clasped in the ring back, repeat the manipulations with increasing speed. But make sure that there are no unnecessary jerks. As you approach orgasm, stop. After skipping about 6 waves, you can ejaculate.
  2. Perform masturbation in the usual way, but at an alternating speed. You can change it every 2 minutes, while interrupting the approaching ejaculation several times. One procedure lasts on average 15 minutes.
  3. Stand with your legs wide apart. Grasp the base of the penis with one hand, slide it to the beginning of the head. At this time, tense the groin muscles, and when the hand drops to its original position, relax them. Continue manipulating for about 20 minutes, gradually increasing speed.

How to enlarge the penis at home with special devices

Another effective technique for enlarging a member of the house is the use of special devices. It will be effective in 100% of cases, but not always permanent. For example, the use of attachments will allow you to get an increase in the organ of several cm in a matter of minutes, but after removing them, everything will return to its former course. Pumps and extenders deliver results, but with proper technique and regularity.


If you want to quickly enlarge your penis to give a woman pleasure in bed, you can use special attachments. You can see several options on sale:

  • for lengthening;
  • to thicken the penis;
  • with vibration for sexual stimulation;
  • embossed for special sensations;
  • double penetration nozzles;
  • with open or closed head.

The growth to the phallus can be from 2 to 10 cm. It all depends on the initial size of the penis, the wishes of the partner. The downside of this method is that it is just a temporary effect without affecting the state of the genital organ.


Another way of acting on the penis is with a pump with back pressure on the bloodstream. The vacuum pump increases the oxygen saturation of the organ tissues, which provokes increased blood flow. On sale, you can see two types:

  • classic pump;
  • hydraulic pump.

One difference between them is the method of creating a vacuum with air or water. Correct use of the device reduces the sensitivity of the penis, and this helps to prolong sexual intercourse. Therefore, doctors recommend this method to those who suffer from premature ejaculation. The average annual growth is +3 cm.

Penis pump


An extender is a special apparatus designed to stretch and straighten a man's phallus. Correct application increases the elasticity and flexibility of the tunica albuginea, which adds up to + 2-3 cm in length. This is one of the most effective, and most importantly, safe techniques.

The extender consists of a ring, it will abut against the pubic bone, barbells on springs, they stretch the device, platforms with a lock, it holds the penis in the apparatus. Initially, it was a medical device, so its design is well thought out. You need to use it daily for a maximum of 6-10 hours in a row under the supervision of a doctor. The results will be consolidated after 6-8 months.

Means for increasing the male member

The real result is guaranteed by various medicinal methods of penis enlargement. For growth in length and thickness, synthetic, plant components in the composition are responsible, which increase blood flow, increase the flexibility of muscles and connective tissues. Special lubricants, tablets, dietary supplements are on sale today. All of them require competent and course use to ensure a cumulative effect.


External use of special lubricants to enlarge the phallus is a relatively safe, effective technique. Such funds contain natural ingredients that expand the tissues of the organ. There are also hormonal varieties, but they are used strictly on the advice of a doctor.

Lubricants can be:

  • instant ointments - they are applied before sex, after which the penis increases in width and length, but only for the duration of the action of the components of the agent;
  • gels for enlargement - have a mild, cumulative effect, which means that they require a course application for several months in a row;
  • auxiliary lubricants - lubricants for moisturizing with useful herbal ingredients that enhance libido, potency, excitability, blood flow.

Pills and dietary supplements for penis enlargement

You can change the size of the genital organ at home with the help of special medications and dietary supplements. Their synthetic or natural components work on the same principle - they increase blood circulation in the genital area. A doctor can help you choose a certified medication with proven effectiveness.

Pros of using drugs:

  • improved erection;
  • prolongation of sexual intercourse;
  • reducing the likelihood of premature ejaculation;
  • stimulation of potency, libido.

Disadvantages of this technique:

  • long course;
  • no 100% guarantee of the result;
  • contraindications, risks of side effects;
  • the need to consult a doctor.

In terms of composition, origin, principle of action, such drugs are divided into several types:

  1. Hormonal - increase testosterone and sexual performance. They require medical supervision, as they have contraindications.
  2. Organic - herbal supplements. They act mildly, indistinctly, require a long-term effect, are safe, do not cause side effects.
  3. Vitamin and mineral - make up for the lack of important substances, improve spermatogenesis, tone of the whole organism.
  4. Anticoagulants - increase blood circulation in the pelvic area, dilate blood vessels, normalizing blood circulation. This leads to increased erection, stretching of the tissues of the penis.

Dietary supplements are the most popular drugs for phallus growth, which do not require a prescription or a doctor's consultation. They optimize the functions of the reproductive system, enhance libido, prevent premature ejaculation, and stimulate potency.

You need to take natural remedies for a course of at least one month to ensure a cumulative effect. You can enhance the result if you practice the previously described techniques in parallel with this. Vitamin-mineral complexes for men are generally recommended to be drunk for prophylaxis in the off-season.

Folk remedies for men

The next popular technique for improving the size, shape and functionality of the phallus in a man is traditional medicine. She accepts the use of valuable plants, food for a general strengthening, stimulating, stimulating effect. The most popular are 3 recipes - with the use of soda, herbs, honey.

With soda

A free, simple and affordable way for any man is penis enlargement with soda. This product has a mild vasodilator effect, which can improve blood circulation in the genital area. The main condition is its competent and moderate use in several ways:

  • baths;
  • scrubs;
  • compresses.

In parallel with this, you can massage, masturbate, stretch your penis. In a complex, actions will give a greater effect. Soda will irritate the skin, increase its elasticity, enhance microcirculation and sensitivity.


Various medicinal herbs are used to support sexual functions and men's health. Experts recommend paying attention to the following ones:

  • Epimedium - Korean mountain woman with icariin in the composition, which dilates blood vessels, contributes to better filling of the cavernous bodies;
  • Ginseng is a natural stimulant, proven for centuries, it enhances blood flow to the phallus, improves hormonal levels, makes a man hardy;
  • Long-leaved eurycoma is a type of ginseng that expands the corpus cavernosum and accelerates blood flow.

Plants can be used in the form of decoctions, water or alcohol tinctures. In pharmacies, ready-made herbal preparations and phytopreparations based on them are sold.

Honey recipe

A valuable product available to everyone for penis growth is honey. It is approved by many urologists as an effective, safe way to improve sexual performance. It can be applied as follows:

  • mix with walnuts 1: 1, take a spoonful daily on an empty stomach;
  • mix with rose hips, dried fruits, nuts, chop and eat two tablespoons every day.

Honey is not only a useful product for the whole body, but also a strong natural aphrodisiac. It enhances libido, increases potency and prevents erectile dysfunction.