Penis enlargement with soda

In order to enlarge the penis, men often resort to surgical intervention. However, you can solve this problem even at home using traditional medicine methods.

In the publication, we will analyze how to enlarge the penis with soda, whether the product really helps to change the dimensions of the genital organ.

The advantage of this technique is that baking soda is more affordable than other products. Many men, using penis enlargement recipes using this technology, were satisfied, although there are negative reviews about the effectiveness of this technique.

Does this method work?

Sodium bicarbonate

Is it true that the male genital organ can grow in size when using baking soda? Surprisingly, this is true.

Sodium bicarbonate (the chemical formula of soda) is capable of thinning blood fluid. With the help of this, it is possible to get additional help when performing gymnastic exercises aimed at lengthening the penis.

The result of exposure to soda is as follows:

  • blood easily and in the required volume enters the urogenital organs;
  • soda blocks the formation of blood clots, which can cause complications that occur during exercise;
  • performing procedures increases blood flow to the penis, helping to stretch it.

It is quite possible to achieve the desired effect, although you must adhere to the following instructions:

  • use the product correctly;
  • regularly perform activities;
  • observe safety rules.

Soda is often used in traditional medicine recipes. It was unexpectedly found that she is able to increase the size of the penis. Soda helps this process by being an adjunct.

How does it work? The point is in the main property of soda - it freely penetrates into the tissues, thinning the blood.

Thanks to this, it is possible to make the member more impressive. It is recommended to use the product as a supplement to penis training.

Baking soda also helps prevent organ damage during some exercise. It prevents blood clots from forming.

Preparing for the procedure

Penile Enlargement Baking Soda

Before starting to master the home technique for increasing the phallus, preliminary preparation is required.

The following guidelines must be followed:

  • Get sodium bicarbonate. The substance should not have foreign impurities, so give preference to a more expensive product.
  • Check for an allergic reaction to this substance before using it on a delicate area. To do this, moisten the skin on the elbow with a solution of water and baking soda. After an hour, check the epidermis: in the absence of itching, redness and other irritation, you can experiment further without fear.
  • The genitals should be prepared for augmentation. To do this, they need to be steamed using warm water. For the procedure, it is advisable to use a cloth compress or take a hot shower.
  • Prepare massage supplements to be used for penis enlargement (if any is needed in the recipe).
  • For the convenience of the event, stock up on wet and dry sanitary napkins, with which you can quickly remove excess baking soda.

How to enlarge your penis with baking soda at home?

There are different uses for baking soda. According to men, there is a chance to increase the size of the phallus by 2 cm.

How exactly to use sodium bicarbonate:

  • drink inside;
  • use in ointments;
  • soar a member in soda baths.

Let's consider these options in more detail.


For this purpose, you must drink a solution of 0. 5 tsp. product per glass of water, once a day. The remedy should be taken only after a meal.

Although this method does not directly affect the growth of the penis, it helps to improve well-being, due to which other procedures aimed at penis growth will be more effective.


A baking soda ointment can help enlarge your penis

Here are some guidelines for how to use the substance:

Recipe 1

Apply olive oil or other vegetable oil to the phallus. This will fully soften the skin. Then the soda needs to be distributed on the surface of the male genital organ with the help of light massaging manipulations.

Actions should be performed for several minutes. Thoroughly remove excess soda with warm water. The intimate area is treated with a moisturizer. This will prevent irritation.

Recipe 2

You can steam the penis in the bath. This requires 1 tbsp. l. dilute the substances in 1 liter of warm water, place the organ in a container for 15 minutes. At the end of the procedure, rinse off the remnants of the soda solution and use a moisturizing cream.

Recipe 3

The effect can also be obtained from mixing the substance with honey, taking them in equal parts. The method also promotes a rapid change in the size of the genitals. The mass must be distributed on the surface of the phallus and held for several minutes, not forgetting to perform massage actions.

Using this technique, you can not only achieve an increase in the penis, but also increase the sensitivity of the glans. For this reason, some men use a pre-romantic date recipe to heighten the feelings of passion during sexual intercourse.

To achieve maximum results, it is advisable to use natural honey in a liquid consistency. A store-bought product with additives will only do harm.

Recipe 4

There is an equally interesting way to enlarge the genital organ:soda should be applied to the penis, then a vacuum pump should be attached to the genitals. Use the tool according to the instructions.

Thanks to this combined technique, it is possible to improve the blood supply to the vessels, which will achieve a more pronounced result. In this case, the substance helps to increase the sensitivity of the head.


You can also take water treatments. Sitting in a soda bath, begin to gently pull out the penis, grabbing its shaft with two fingers. Perform movements directing the force towards the head. Painful sensations should not be allowed. If discomfort appears, stop the procedure immediately.

Compresses made from baking soda will help to cope with this task.

To prepare a healing solution, you will need to take 200 ml of warm water, 20 g of the main component. In the composition, moisten a gauze cloth and wrap the phallus with it. Perform the procedure for about 5 minutes.

Soda and other products

Soda bath

The local effect of soda on the male genital organ is considered the main method.

Let's consider different combinations of such procedures:

Soda and Vietnamese ointment

Prepare an ointment from 1 tsp. soda, a few milliliters of water. It is necessary to stir the composition thoroughly to get a thick gruel. Then add a small pea of Vietnamese preparation. Mix the mass, apply on dry skin of the penis, rubbing in the direction from the base to the head.

If there is a burning sensation or other discomfort, the composition must be removed. In the absence of such a picture, rub the mass into the skin for several minutes. Rinse off excess. Men claim that such a recipe has a stimulating and softening effect on the skin of the genital organ.

When, for some reason, it is not possible to smear the penis with a soda solution with an asterisk, then this mixture can be applied to the perineal area. The substance will improve blood flow to the phallus, which will affect the size of the organ.

Vegetable oil treatment

Apply a thin layer of warm vegetable oil to the phallus. Spread a small amount of baking soda on top of this base and gently massage it into your penis. Perform the procedure until all substances dry (about 4–6 minutes).

You can also use soda in combination with honey. Take 25 g of the main component and 1 tbsp. l. honey. Apply the ingredients to the penis. It is recommended to use the recipe several times a day.

After the procedure, it is advisable to use herbal lotions. This will allow the phallus to grow in size, rest and gain strength.

Precautionary measures

Soda for penis enlargement

To achieve the effect, it is important not only to follow the instructions, but also to comply with safety rules.

Here is some of them:

  • soda abuse is fraught with serious consequences for the penis - burns, redness, burning;
  • if there is an allergic reaction to a component, the procedures should be abandoned or the irritant should be excluded from the recipe;
  • soda solution should not be applied to damaged skin areas (scuffs, scratches);
  • avoid touching the soda to the head, as well as the mucous membrane of the phallus;
  • do not use an expired product;
  • for persons with pathological congenital deformities of the genital organ, such procedures are prohibited;
  • Beginning with practice, thoroughly familiarize yourself with the theory.

Contraindications and side effects

There are no strict contraindications to the use of soda for penis enlargement, however, safety measures must always be followed.

Remember to stick to the indicated dosage. Perform all manipulations only with clean hands. This will protect the organ from unwanted reactions.

Side effects include:

  • dry skin - this problem can be easily eliminated by applying a greasy ointment;
  • allergic reactions;
  • slight redness;
  • swelling of the genitals and peritoneal area;
  • painful sensations.

Internal use can cause heartburn, upset stools, bloating, flatulence.

How to increase without baking soda?

Peruvian poppy

Andrologists strongly recommend using only proven and safe drugs:

  • Peruvian poppyintended for indoor use. It helps to improve male potency. The formula contains natural ingredients. With this tool, it is possible to increase the penis up to 5 mm.
  • Spray, which will provide an instant increase in the size of the genital organ by several centimeters. Such a reaction is provided by active compounds that contribute to the process of producing male hormones. A few days after application, there is an increased libido and an increase in the penis by 3-7 cm.
  • Gel, which has a complex effect: increases libido, enlarges the penis, provides a long-lasting erection.


  • "I have dreamed of enlarging my penis for a long time. On the Internet, I found publications about the effectiveness of soda, I decided to use it. I made a compress, I'm happy with the result. Now I do compresses regularly before dating with a friend. I recommend: it is effective and inexpensive. "
  • "I decided to try soda to enlarge my penis. I began to take it inside and made only one warm bath. Irritation and itching appeared immediately. I stopped the procedures. I will look for a safer way. "
  • "I have a complex because of a small penis. I have tried many recipes and methods - nothing helps. I came across a book about the benefits of soda, where there were several paragraphs about its effect on the penis. I began to study the methodology. I used soda and vegetable oil. Although the length of the penis has not changed, it has become thicker. "