Effective methods and means for penis enlargement

woman surprised by the size of a man's cock

Since ancient times, the size and appearance of the penis has been part of the image of a real man.

And men have always thought about increasing their own dignity, even if nature has not deprived them in this regard.

Fortunately, now there is a wide selection of different methods and special devices for the implementation of such thoughts.

We will tell you what will help in enlargement and how the lengthening of the penis itself occurs, and in the process of reading you will understand which methods are best to use for yourself, perhaps something will turn out to be new for you.

How do the different methods work?

Since in our time science is developing exponentially, there are a lot of means to achieve this task. Involved, probably, all types of effects on the genitals, both directly and indirectly. Direct exposure includes funds that are applied directly to the penis (ointments and gels), the use of special mechanical devices, as well as health-improving massages.

Indirect effects include taking various pills and hormones, general exercise and some traditional medicine.

Attention!Any method of enlarging the male penis should be treated with a fair amount of skepticism, because there is not too much medical research in this area due to the low significance of this issue on a global scale.

In addition, some funds may be contraindicated for a man due to his state of health. If you want to enlarge your penis (no matter if it is in length, width or size in general), it would not hurt to consult a doctor so that the enlargement therapy does not cause complications. In this case, things worse than a small penis may threaten you - impotence, various allergies, cracks in the tissues and even cartilage fractures.

how to increase the size of the penis

Below is a general list of all types of penis enlargement products:

  • Tablets and similar drugs.
  • Sprays, ointments, gels.
  • Special devices (extenders).
  • Exercise, massages, special masturbation.
  • Folk methods.

So, in order:


Pills for penis enlargement have special formulations, which, depending on the type of drug:

  1. increase libido;
  2. increase the production of male hormones (testosterone);
  3. strengthen the muscles responsible for the level of erection;
  4. improve blood circulation;
  5. increase the body's endurance.

Basically, the effect of the tablets is aimed at increasing the volume of the cavernous bodies of the male penis. Pills are one of the fastest ways to enlarge the penis, but their effect is not long.

Reference!The effect of pills is difficult to trace accurately, so their effectiveness is often questionable.


Not everyone knows what it is. Generics are the same tablets, only containing a chemical that is 100% the same as that patented by the original developer of the drug. In short, someone invented a potency remedy that works with a bang, entered the market, but the monopoly did not work, since other "chemists" quickly made a similar drug, only from other substances, having received a copy of the first, with the sameeffect.

Generics are great for potency.

Sprays, ointments, gels

These funds, which are applied directly to the penis, can be roughly divided into three groups.

  1. The former have a short-term effect (from half an hour to several hours), and are intended to be applied to the penis just before sexual intercourse. They temporarily increase the size of the penis due to swelling, and also improve erection. It is convenient to use them in order to guaranteed to get rid of complexes without serious interference in your body.
  2. Long-term creams and ointments, in turn, will not be able to give the same instant result, because they act more smoothly, but they give an effect for a much longer period by expanding the cavernous bodies, improving blood circulation in the penis and increasing the elasticity of its skin.
  3. There are also creams, gels and ointments to increase potency, which are not directly related to augmentation means, but can often be used as an adjuvant.

Special devices

penis enlargement extender

Devices for changing the size and shape of the penis are called extenders. These are devices that are fixed directly on the penis in order to mechanically act on it, changing the size and adjusting the shape.

The market for extenders is very wide now and has a huge variety of them. There are models that can be worn for several hours a day, they work with the help of a system of weights.

There are models that are needed only during an erection, thus making it possible to correct the shape of the penis as well. There are even concealed models that can be used even at work.

Most extenders are static, but some are powered by electricity and actively affect the penis.

Penis enlargement devices will also help add a few centimeters in length and width. Among them, the most popular are:

  1. Nozzle.
  2. Water pump.

Exercises and massages

Perhaps this is the most common way to enlarge the penis due to its free and logical use. There are many types of such exercises (such as the Kegel technique), but the most famous is the special Arabic massage, which in the West is called jelqing.

This is a fairly effective massage that has been used for centuries in Arab countries. It is based on the application of microcracks to the tissues of the penis, which quickly heal and overgrow with new soft tissues. It sounds dangerous enough, but in fact, when following instructions and safety rules, this is a fairly loyal method.

Folk ways

If the above methods cause any concern or you do not trust modern conventional medicine, you can try to enlarge your penis using folk methods, which have accumulated a great many throughout human history. Such methods are even more controversial than pills, but some of them are likely to be effective.


As mentioned at the beginning of this article, you should consult your doctor before starting penis enlargement therapy, although many men are simply embarrassed to do so.

However, this indecision can be bad for your health. If you have any problems with the penis, like its deformation, some kind of disease or something similar, any method of penis enlargement can be dangerous, because they are all designed for use by healthy people with healthy genitals. Remember, you need to be healthy for a successful penis enlargement.

In conclusion, it should be said that most men who are wondering about penis enlargement greatly underestimate the size of their dignity. Of course, everyone wants to be better, especially in such an intimate sense, but you need to remember that large size is not the main thing. Stamina, erection and your personal ability to satisfy your partner are also very important indicators.