All about the thickening of the penis. 5 best methods to make your penis fat

If a man has good reasons to increase the size of the penis, several groups of effective methods are considered.

  • Free ways- special exercises, massage techniques, masturbation, as well as the right diet.
  • To paid methodsinclude the use of gels, ointments, lubricants and dietary supplements for the growth of the phallus, folk remedies for internal and external use, special devices.
  • Temporaryand fast effect gives nozzles.
  • Radical path*- This is surgery and plastic surgery.

The radical path is quite dangerous.

Is it possible to enlarge the penis?

We answer the main question, how realistic is penis enlargement without surgical intervention by alternative methods. Medicine says thatthe penis is a muscle that can be worked on.

Scientific studies have confirmed that if a man gratifies himself with a narrow opening for at least 2 months, this will lead to a decrease in the size of the penis. Accordingly, it was concluded that if a reduction in an organ is possible, then an increase is also real. This requires regular and long-term actions, training, the use of drugs, massage, proper nutrition and traditional medicine.

how to increase penis size

Which doctor should I contact?

Before using medication and folk methods of penis enlargement, it is recommended to consult a urologist

doctor's advice on penis enlargement

If after exercises and trainings that increase the penis, no results are noticeable, and the use of extenders and pumps for a man is unacceptable, it is recommended not to self-medicate, but to consult a doctor. It is necessary to consult with a urologist (andrologist) about other options for penis enlargement. If the doctor sees an urgent need for surgery, he will offer the patient several options for solving the problem.

Due to what the penis grows: basic principles

If the theory is not interesting for you, go straight to the next point, to practice.

The main criteria that determine the size of the penis are anatomical and physiological features, genetics and heredity, and nationality.

Physiological factors include:

  • hormonal background- during puberty, the level of sex hormones determines how quickly and fully the reproductive system and its organs will grow and develop;
  • general health- the normal functioning of the whole organism and various organs separately favors the fact that the penis reaches its maximum size, this is affected by nutrition and lifestyle;
  • circulation- only under the condition of normal blood supply to the tissues of the phallus, an erection and a sufficient increase in size are possible;
  • elasticity of the cavernous and spongy bodiesa - tissues, like a sponge, fill with blood and stretch, causing an increase in the length and thickness of the phallus, and the more elastic they are, the more they absorb blood;
  • disease- pathologies of the development of the reproductive system, trauma, genetic anomalies, unfavorable ecology, hormonal disorders provoke underdevelopment of the penis.

Anatomical factors:

  • age- medicine has established that the growth of the organ lasts up to about 20 years, while puberty lasts;
  • genetics- at the genetic level, the proportions of the human body are prescribed, it is almost impossible to influence them;
  • race- the largest indicators belong to dark-skinned nationalities, followed by Europeans, the countries of the former CIS, and the smallest parameters are observed among Asians.

Important!The medical certificate says that the normal size of the penis is 13-16 cm. If the size in the erect state is less than 10 cm, this is an indication for the development of the organ by alternative, in extreme cases, radical methods.

Jelqing or stretching

stretching for penis enlargement

Manual therapy for the penis is especially indicated during the period of postoperative rehabilitation. Increasing the flexibility of the penis in a partially erect state facilitates the access of nutrients to problem areas, reduces the risk of scarring of implants and thrombosis.

The range of tissue stretching exercises is effective for maintaining a new shape, the effect of the extender and surgery in this case is more pronounced.

The essence of the exercises is to stretch the ligaments that hold the base of the penis., as well as to increase the elasticity of the cavernous blood bodies. Most of the exercises consist in giving the penis a non-standard position and deforming it to the point of discomfort, followed by holding it for several minutes. For young men and teenagers, this is a very effective way to accelerate tissue growth.

Do you want your penis to be bigger, thicker and more powerful? Jelqing is something that will please you and your partner.

  1. What it is?
  2. How to do it right so as not to harm yourself?
  3. What is good about dry jelq?

Penis enlargement methods without creams, gels and devices

All effective methods of how to increase a penis can be divided into two groups -alternativeandradical. In the second case, we are talking about plastic surgery and various types of surgery aimed at correcting the shape and size of the phallus. The first group is most often practiced, it involves the following methods:

  • special exercises for stretching smooth muscles;
  • massage that can increase blood flow to the penis;
  • masturbation, as another opportunity for stretching and improving local blood flow;
  • foods that have a beneficial effect on the reproductive system, hormonal levels, blood circulation, muscle condition from the inside.

To achieve maximum results, it is recommended to follow an integrated approach., that is, regularly and systematically practice several or all techniques. The duration of work on self-improvement is several months.


The best way to increase the length and thickness of the phallus at home - special exercises. Conventionally, they can be divided into several groups according to the principle of action:

  • those thatpromote stretching(stretching and stretching, suspension of loads);
  • those thatimprove blood circulationin the area of the reproductive system (Jelqing, proper masturbation, self-massage using various techniques).

Before each exercise, a man should warm up the tissues of the penis, this is done by taking a warm shower, self-massage, applying a hot compress.

Read more about exercises in a separate article.


This technique was developed by the Sudanese Arabs, where the result is due to the stretching of the spongy body of the phallus. The second name of the technique is milking due to the specificity of movements. In addition to the effect on tissues, there is a local increase in blood circulation, which provokes an increase of up to + 2-3 cm after a course of practice.

There are two types of jelqing:

  1. Wet - the method is suitable for beginners and novice practitioners. A small amount of lubricant or oily cream is applied to the skin. Next, the phallus is warmed up with massage movements, after which the base of the penis is wrapped around the base of the penis with the thumb and forefinger. After that, the ring moves towards the head with a slight squeeze, as if the man is milking the penis. The head itself does not need to be touched, the movements are repeated a few more approaches.
  2. Dry - after some time, when the wet method has already become a habit, you can proceed to the dry version. It is performed according to the same principle, only the man milks the phallus not with his fingers, but with the whole palm of his hand, and the second holds the head. It is important to be as gentle as possible so as not to injure the skin.
step by step instructions for jelqing

Jelqing step by step instructions

The level of erection should be 60-80%, otherwise the risks of injury to the superficial vessels increase. The capture of the organ by the ring should be such that the outflow of blood is impossible. Initially, the stretch is performed for 5 minutes, then the exercise can be gradually extended.

Stretch and stretch

Gymnastic exercises also help to improve the shape and size of the male reproductive organ. As a rule, they are aimed at stretching and stretching it. There are several types of such techniques:

  1. Power pull.The head of the penis is held with one hand, after which you need to pull it forward away from you and fix it in the maximum possible position for 5 seconds. The same actions are performed alternately to the right and left with fixation until a slight soreness is felt. At the end, the exercise is performed down. To perform, a man will not need to increase the penis in a calm state, since an erection is unacceptable.
  2. The stretch is circular.For such an exercise, the member is taken by the head, pulled forward and held in this position for 5 seconds. After that, they pull it up, slowly turn it counterclockwise until the organ returns to its original position, at the end shaking it and massaging it. 5 seconds are given for one circle, 25 repetitions are performed in one workout.
  3. Sitting stretch.To perform this exercise, you need to massage a little and increase your penis to 30-40% erection. Now, holding the head, the phallus is pulled down towards the buttocks, and then sit down on it. This causes internal pressure on the cavernous bodies, which will lead to an increase in thickness and length.
  4. V-stretch.For such an exercise, the body remains as calm as possible. They make a ring from the thumb and forefinger, clasp the head with it, and then stretch the phallus forward as far as possible from themselves for 5 seconds. At the same time, you need to press the thumb of the other hand on the base of the penis, drawing a line to the head and to its original position. If pain occurs, you can squeeze the head to push out the blood.

Exercises with a load

Enoughquestionable procedure, we do not recommend it, according to many experts, it will help to lengthen, but not change the overall size of the penis, that is, the penis will become longer, but thinner. But many continue to practice it, showing results. This exercise should be done only after emptying the bladder and preparing the penis (massage, warm compress or shower).

It is important to start training with a small weight (up to half a kilo). The time of one set is on average 10-40 minutes, namely 2-3 approaches and between them there is a 5-10 minute break. While the rest lasts, you can practice jelqing exercises or massage. The schedule of such training provides for 3 days of classes and 1 day off, or 5 days of classes and 2 days off.


The most affordable and enjoyable way to enlarge the penis is massage. The main condition for the most effective massage is the use of a lubricant.

Read more about penis enlargement massages here.

What are the benefits of this method:

  • the technique is appropriate for home practice;
  • it has a positive effect on the quality of sexual life;
  • has no contraindications and side effects.

There are several effective massage techniques for penis enlargement:

  1. jelqing- the technique was described above, when a man rings the base of the penis with one hand, holds the head with the other, and then makes stretching movements from the root to the head.
  2. Uli jelqing- the member is compressed with one hand, held for 40 seconds and so on for 5 approaches. There is a double Uli, when squeezing is done with two hands near the base and head, as well as a reverse Uli, in which the man also squeezes the penis at two extreme points, and then makes stretching movements from the base to the head.
  3. uli jelqing for penis enlargement
  4. Thai massage- first, the whole body is massaged, then the buttocks, the anus is stimulated, the penis is gently massaged, and in the knee-elbow position, stretching movements are made from the base to the head of the penis.
  5. Dao- with a ring of two fingers of the hand, the base of the penis is clasped, and then the blood is brought to the head by squeezing and massage from the base up. In this case, the compression ring near the head is fixed for 10 seconds.
  6. Twisting- with one hand, the man rings the base of the penis, with the other he takes the penis near the head, squeezes his hands to increase pressure, and then makes twisting movements with his hands, as if wringing out underwear.
  7. squeezing- the penis is alternately compressed with both hands, in addition, the recess in the scrotum is groped and pressed with the thumb, and at this time smoothing movements are made to the head and back.
  8. Flexion- a man with one hand clasps the base of the phallus, the other holds the head. Now the heated organ bends in different directions, with each tilt you need to fix the position.

Before any massage technique, it is important to prepare the organ, as mentioned earlier - with a warm compress, a warm shower or light stroking rubbing movements. If pain occurs, the action should be stopped immediately.


You can increase the male penis even with the help of masturbation, if you perform the movements correctly. To do this, a man should adhere to the following instructions:

  • warm the penis with a light massage or warm compress;
  • lubricate with a gel or lubricant to increase the length and thickness of the phallus;
  • achieve maximum erection;
  • make a ring from the fingers of the hand and move it from the root of the penis to the head;
  • perform movements with slight pressure;
  • complete the process of ejaculation.

Foods to accelerate penis growth

If we are talking about a young age up to 21 years (sometimes up to 24 years), you have every chance to increase the growth of the penis. To do this, first of all, it is worth reviewing the diet, eliminating harmful ones, and focusing only on healthy foods. The following foods must be included in the diet:

  • watermelon - improves blood circulation, including in the groin area;
  • seafood - aphrodisiacs that increase the level of testosterone in the blood;
  • protein products (meat, eggs, milk) - a building material for muscle development, which also improves the quality of seminal fluid;
  • greens - a source of vitamin C, which eliminates cholesterol and toxins, thins the blood, improving its circulation, increases hormone levels;
  • nuts - helps to increase the natural production of testosterone;
  • honey is a useful product for general health promotion, prevents diseases, inflammatory processes, normalizes metabolism and hormone levels.

In turn, it is important to refuse carbonated drinks, excess salt and sugar, smoked meats, canned food, fast food, and fatty foods.

penis enlargement products

Preparations, creams, gels, ointments

What to do if the above alternative methods do not give the desired effect? In this case, you can try special lubricant preparations aimed at changing the shape and size of the penis. How is the impact of such means:

  • herbal ingredients help to speed up blood circulation;
  • there is an increase in elasticity and extensibility of smooth muscles and tissues;
  • increases testosterone levels naturally without the use of hormonal drugs;
  • increases endurance and body tone;
  • increases the degree of erection, the quality of sexual life.

As a rule, lubricants for the growth of the phallus are available in the form of drops, sprays, ointments and gels for external use.

Are there penis enlargement pills?

There are no pills that are intended only for penis enlargement.

There are two alternatives:

  • hormonal pills- they are prescribed only by a doctor according to indications, this is usually appropriate for adolescents during puberty, which occurs in an abnormal sequence or lags behind;
  • synthetic stimulants- with regular use, they cause vasodilation and increased blood circulation, which can indirectly contribute to an increase in the phallus.

Direct medications in the form of tablets that allow you to temporarily or permanently grow a member are not provided by medicine.

The most effective creams and gels

The most affordable and effective means of this principle of action are creams and gels for external use. Natural substances in the composition contribute to the expansion of tissues, as well as the acceleration of blood circulation. Conventionally, they can be divided into 3 groups:

  1. Fast acting ointments- they are applied immediately before sexual intercourse, and regular use promises a few extra centimeters visually, but rather temporarily for a short period.
  2. Auxiliary ointments- they are intended for massages and various exercise techniques described earlier, otherwise there is no need to wait for the effect.
  3. Gels for penis growth- if you use such drugs for a long time and strictly according to the instructions, combining with nutrition, massage, exercises, the result will be preserved forever.

Dietary supplements for penis growth

On sale today you can see drugs for penis enlargement in the form of dietary supplements. These are exclusively natural preparations based on herbal ingredients. The principle of operation is as follows:

  • dilate blood vessels in the penis;
  • increase blood flow to the cavernous and spongy bodies;
  • enhance potency, libido and erection;
  • stimulate testosterone production naturally.

Extender to help

The extender is a modern device that is very popular among men who want to enlarge their penis at home and change its length and diameter.

Such devices are divided into vacuum, belt and loop. The latter are economical in terms of price, but less convenient to use. The listed types of devices are a bilateral fixator: one rests against the pubic bone, the other fixes the body of the penis and the head. On the sides of the penis are special springs that allow for pulling movements. Such a device works on the natural ability of the penis to change and increase under the influence of physical force. Its regular use guarantees effective penis enlargement after a few weeks from the start of use.

penis extender

Folk methods and means

Traditional medicine also has different ways to increase the penis by accelerating blood flow, increasing tissue extensibility and sexual activity in general.

folk remedies for penis enlargement

Means are used internally, these are various infusions and decoctions, as well as externally in the form of ointments, rubbing, etc. Also, the growth of the phallus with the help of honey deserves special attention.

Infusions and decoctions

A huge member of the grass is not guaranteed, but it is safe and beneficial for the entire genitourinary system and health. What plants are appropriate:

  • ginseng root;
  • parsley;
  • celery root;
  • cilantro;
  • hawthorn fruits;
  • thyme;
  • rose hips, etc.

The following recipes give good results:

  1. Hawthorn. Leaves, flowers, fruits and roots are dried, crushed, a tablespoon of the mixture is brewed in two glasses of boiling water. The drink is insisted, and then taken instead of tea for at least 3-4 weeks.
  2. Thyme. Dry chopped grass is brewed in boiling water, insisted and taken orally 2 times a day after meals.
  3. Dog-rose fruit. Dry, pour boiling water in a thermos, and then leave to infuse overnight. Drink instead of tea for at least 1 month.

The easiest wayhow to strengthen an erection, provoke penis enlargement, establish a sexual life - regularly take a pharmacy tincture of ginseng root.

Recipes for drugs for external use

Another way to easily and cost-effectively increase the length and volume is to use self-prepared ointments. This technique is compatible with the one that provides for the internal intake of decoctions and infusions. The most effective ointment is prepared on dried leeches, the following composition is involved in the recipe:

  • dry leeches 100 grams;
  • melted lamb fat 200 grams.

The components are thoroughly mixed, and then rubbed into clean and dry skin before going to bed.

honey recipes

Honey contains not only valuable vitamins, but also stimulants that are beneficial for the reproductive system. The most useful is the honey that was collected from the flowers of marjoram, jasmine and orchids. There are several recipes using this product:

  1. Take 0. 5 liters of water, add a spoonful of ginger, boil until boiling, remove and dissolve a spoonful of honey. The cooled elixir is drunk in small sips.
  2. Honey is ground with chopped walnuts in a ratio of 1: 1, taken at bedtime.
  3. 100 grams of hazelnuts and 1 piece of walnut are crushed, 50 grams are added to the components. rhodiola rosea and rose hips in powder consistency, as well as a finely chopped head of garlic. 1 kg of honey is added to the mixture, the paste is stored in the refrigerator and taken daily in a tablespoon.


It is known that soda can also indirectly contribute to penis growth, as it causes blood thinning and acceleration of its circulation. Due to this effect, guys take the product with water inside or rub their intimate organ with it. In fact, soda gives a temporary and insignificant effect, and most importantly, it has contraindications and side effects. Therefore, the feasibility of such a technique is extremely low.

We have a separate article about soda for penis enlargement, we recommend that you read it and do not indulge in soda!

Devices for penis enlargement

High efficiency in improving the parameters of male dignity is demonstrated by special devices - vacuum and water pumps that increase blood pressure and tissue stretching, as well as extenders that literally stretch and make a long phallus.

Vacuum pumps

With the help of a vacuum pump, pressure is applied to the reproductive organ, which causes increased blood flow to the cavernous bodies. Initially, such a device caused an erection if there were problems with this. It should be noted that careful, but regular use of the pump promises stretching of tissues and an increase in the length and thickness of the organ.

Water pumps

If in the previous version the organ was placed in an empty flask to exert pressure on it, the water pump is filled with liquid. Thanks to this, the impact is made in a loyal and sparing manner, preventing injuries and hematomas.

When is it important to seriously think about the problem?

Seriously thinking about penis enlargement by folk methods and not only is, perhaps, only the owners of the so-called micropenis, the length of which does not exceed 10 centimeters. With average length indicators, the problem of a lack of penis size is more likely a psychological one, because in fact both partners are able to experience high sexual pleasure.

In such cases, it is much better to diversify your sex life, limiting yourself to preventive methods.


Only surgery promises a guaranteed result, but surgery is practiced only if there are strong indications. In addition, medical practice offers several types of surgery:

  • phalloprosthesis;
  • ligamentotomy;
  • hyaluronic acid injections;
  • muscle transplant;
  • silicone implants.

Summary: The safest methods

It is better to start working on self-improvement with simple, inexpensive and safe methods. Make a schedule of training and classes, which will include the following items:

  • diet;
  • regular exercise and masturbation;
  • self-massage;
  • taking decoctions and tinctures, applying homemade ointments.

If the effect is not so noticeable, you can try lubricants and dietary supplements for penis growth. Devices like pumps and extenders are best used only as a last resort, as they are traumatic. Nozzles are suitable for those guys who want to add a few centimeters to themselves just to improve the quality of sex. But operations are permissible if there are medical indications.