How to enlarge a penis at home

penis size measurement and penis enlargement methods

Many men are unhappy with the size of their penis. To enlarge the penis, some of them turn to plastic surgeons. The latter prescribe an operation, during which implants are sewn under the skin of the penis, expanding substances or fat taken from other parts of the body are introduced.

Surgical penis enlargement is an effective procedure, but it is expensive and comes with certain risks. It is safer to "build up" the volume of the penis and lengthen it at home using simple and effective methods.


Drug enlargement of the phallus is popular with men of different ages for four reasons:

  • available,
  • Inexpensive,
  • effective,
  • Minimal chance of negative consequences.

All penis growth stimulants are developed by well-known companies and brought to the market after rigorous testing. Meanwhile, it is impossible to buy them in a regular pharmacy. They are not medicines, therefore they are sold through the Internet or stores of dietary supplements.


There are many different drugs for penis enlargement.

Important! In order not to harm your health, you should use penis enlargement drugs only after consulting a doctor.

Gels and creams

Topical preparations are more effective than tablets, since their active ingredients enter the penis immediately, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract. It is recommended to use them for those who do not want to spoil the liver and seek to achieve a good effect in a short time.

The composition of these preparations contains plant extracts and synthetic active ingredients that help the main substances to more easily penetrate the skin of the penis and enter the cavernous bodies. The principle of action of creams and gels to increase the phallus is based on the stimulation of blood circulation, the opening of the veins and the relaxation of the walls of the chambers of the cavernous tissues.

The use of funds for external use consists of three stages:

  1. Washing genitals with soap
  2. Applying a gel or cream to the shaft and head of the penis,
  3. Rubbing the drug into the skin with gentle movements.

The procedure is repeated daily 2 times - in the morning and before bedtime. The first positive changes will occur in 1-1. 5 weeks. The erection will become stronger, and the penis will lengthen by about 0. 5 cm.


There are many exercises for penis enlargement, but all of them are not able to quickly help solve the problem. This technique is designed for patient men with a strong will. Therefore, for those who hope for a quick result without the use of chemistry, it will not work.

penis enlargement exercises

Before starting the exercises, you need to do a "warm-up" for the smooth muscles of the phallus and perineum. The sexual organ must first be washed, and then knead well in the hands to increase blood flow. Next, you need to squat a little with your knees apart.

After "warming up" one or more exercises should be performed:

  • Kneading in a sitting position. The man squats down, spreads his knees to the side, lubricates his hands with any gel and begins to smooth the penis in a downward direction. Movements should be confident and rigid, but without pain and discomfort. You need to do the exercise for 10-15 minutes. If it is difficult to sit in this position, you can lean your back on a sofa or closet,
  • "Jelqing". The man is standing with his feet shoulder-width apart. He needs to pick up the penis and pull it forward from the pubic bone. Keep the penis extended for 10 seconds. After you need to release it and wait a 5-second pause. On the first day, the actions are repeated 10 times. Each subsequent day, the number of stretches increases by two. At the end of the first course of classes, the penis is pulled 100 times a day (it can be done in several doses),
  • Stretching. In the "squatting" position, you need to bring the penis to an erect state and clasp it in the head area with your palm. Then the phallus is slightly pulled downwards. After 10 seconds, you need to release the penis, and then repeat the steps 10 more times. Every day, the duration of pulling the penis down increases by a couple of seconds, up to 30.

A man who is ready to practice penis lengthening with exercises should be aware that this technique is not suitable for persons with:

  • Congenital or acquired curvature of the penis,
  • Polyps in the urethra
  • Inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system.

Also, you should not do such exercises if they cause pain and cause discomfort in the perineum.

Important! It is desirable to combine muscle training in the intimate area with the use of drugs or folk remedies to increase the phallus.

Mechanical methods of penis enlargement

Mechanical penis stretchers are a good alternative to exercise. In this case, it will be possible to build up a member faster and without long sessions. You can buy vacuum pumps and extenders for stretching the penis on the Internet or in an intimate goods store.

The difference between a cheap and expensive fixture is only in the quality of the material used in the manufacture of the structure.

Vacuum pumps

penis pump

The vacuum pump consists of:

  • Flasks where the penis is placed,
  • sealant,
  • Systems for pumping air (creating a vacuum).

Some models are supplemented with a pressure gauge that allows you to control the pressure in the pump, a ring for fixing an erection and a vibrating massager.

You need to use a vacuum device according to the following scheme:

  • Wash the penis thoroughly with antibacterial soap, and rinse the flask with clean water,
  • The genitals and the device are wiped dry with a paper towel,
  • The flask is put on the penis,
  • With the help of a rubber pear, air is pumped out of it,
  • When the penis began to stretch with a vacuum, the latch on the rubber bulb is tightened.

After 15 minutes, the flask is refilled with air and carefully removed. If the penis is in a strong erect state, then you need to remove it after relaxation, so as not to damage it.

vacuum pump for penis enlargement

Vacuum pumps should be used for 35 days (2 times a day). During this time, the penis will increase in length and become wider. The effect will last for six months. After that, you will need to use the pump again.

The vacuum penis stretching method is not suitable for men who:

  • Diabetes,
  • Peyronie's disease
  • Acquired deformation of the cavernous bodies,
  • High sensitivity of nerve receptors,
  • Inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system,
  • stones in the bladder,
  • Cysts or malignancies
  • thin vessels,
  • Thrombosis.

In addition, the use of vacuum pumps is undesirable for those who suffer from priapism (painful and long erections).


penis extender

Doctors say that using an extender is the best non-surgical way to increase the penis. It has been tested by millions of men and with the correct use of the device, the method gives good results.

The design of the extender includes the following elements:

  • support ring,
  • Retainer,
  • Magnifying rods.

Fasteners are:

  • vacuum,
  • harness,
  • Vacuum-adhesive,
  • Strap.

Using an extender is different from using a vacuum pump and includes the following steps:

  • The genital organ and the entire structure of the stretcher are washed with soap,
  • The extender is put on the penis so that the support ring rests against the pubic bone,
  • The fastening element (strap, vacuum tip or tourniquet) is put on the head of the penis,
  • With the help of regulators, the rods are lengthened, due to which the phallus is stretched.

The extender should be worn for an hour. After a week, the time is extended to 2 hours. The maximum allowable period of wearing the device is 3 hours. The period for which the penis will stretch is 30-45 days.

penis enlargement device

The disadvantage of using an extender is that it lengthens the penis, but does not make it wider. Also, during its use, the man experiences a certain discomfort, sometimes painful sensations. In addition, the design does not allow you to leave the house, as it is visible under clothing.

Important! Common consequences of using the extender are swelling of the penis, bruising, bruising, blue head, pain when touching the penis. They will disappear on their own in 5-7 days after stopping the use of the device.


stretcher for penis enlargement

The stretch extender is an alternative to the bulky mechanical design. It is an elastic band, at the end of which there is a retainer (usually a vacuum tip). Its advantage is that it is invisible under clothing and can be used even at work.

The scheme of using a stretch extender:

  • A retainer is attached to the washed penis,
  • Member is pulled to the side
  • The tape wraps around the leg or hips and is secured with a clasp.

To prevent the penis from being twisted as a result of such actions, you need to pull it to the other side every day. For example, today it will stretch to the right, and tomorrow it will stretch to the left.

stretch extender for penis enlargement

The extender should not be used by those who have the following health problems:

  • High sensitivity of the skin of the penis,
  • Venereal diseases,
  • Tumors of various etiologies,
  • Polyps in the urethra.

Folk remedies

Folk remedies are not the most effective way to increase the penis, but one of the safest. It is based on the use of such herbs:

  • Ginkgo biloba,
  • Ginseng,
  • Hawthorn,
  • Thyme,
  • Sage,
  • Sagebrush,
  • Dioscorea,
  • Sagebrush,
  • Goryanka.

Some plants can be grown on their own, others will have to be purchased at the pharmacy in dried form.

herbs for penis enlargement

A highly concentrated decoction is prepared from these herbs. To do this, you need to take a liter of water, pour 5 tablespoons of any plant with it, and then boil over low heat. The finished broth is cooled, a piece of clean cloth is moistened in it, which is wound around the penis and covered with plastic wrap. Also, the herbal solution can be diluted with boiled water in a ratio of 1 to 5 and taken orally.

Compresses and taking the product in a pile in the morning and evening will increase the flow of blood to the small pelvis and contribute to penis enlargement. We can say that this method is similar to taking plant-based tablets and using creams or gels.

To enhance the effect of plants, you can add to the decoction that will be used externally, such improvised components:

  • ground orange peel,
  • Black pepper,
  • Essential oils.

They will accelerate blood circulation and saturate the tissues of the penis with useful substances, making the cavernous bodies elastic and strong.

Real reviews about penis enlargement at home

First review, female, 40 years old

The husband decided to grow his "dignity" and bought a gel in a pharmacy. He used it according to the instructions for a month and his penis lengthened by only half a centimeter. In 30 days he spent 2 tubes. I think that it is expensive and does not give much result. It is better to buy an extender.

Second review, male, 33 years old

For a long time I tried to make the penis longer. I tried pills, creams, and folk remedies. No effect. The vacuum pump helped. Of course, stretching her penis hurts, but the result is worth it. In just 2 months, I lengthened it by 2 cm.

Third review, male, 38 years old

The doctor advised me to see a plastic surgeon, he said that an injection of subcutaneous fat into the penis would help me. However, he warned that it was expensive and fraught with a long rehabilitation period without sex. I did not take risks and bought Vimax on the Internet. I took pills and did Jelqing exercises at the same time. I won’t say that the penis has become much longer, but even +1. 5 cm is already good.