How and how to enlarge the penis without surgeries, creams and other chemicals

woman surprised by the size of a man's cock

Today we will show you how to find your way to a healthy, large penis and how to enlarge your penis.

However, we want to warn you that conservative techniques require a lot of patience. Without waiting for an instant result, more than 90% of beginners jump off the increase techniques.

When determining a suitable way for yourself, take into account the condition of your own member. Short, short workouts are a good start-up. As you progress, you will have time to increase the intensity and start free experiments.

Why men are naturally short of size

We talked about this with a sexologist. The guru of sexual relations explained that 99% of men, dissatisfied with the size of their bodies, themselves made a fetish out of a simple fact: the woman left. Against the background of unsuccessful relationships, the complex grows day after day, physical and mental discomfort arises.

Why a small penis is a problem for men:

  • insufficient size is perceived as a sign of immaturity, a large penis is associated with dominance;
  • this gives rise to a bouquet of complexes, subconscious fears, especially against the background of all sorts of comparisons in the men's bath;
  • problems in sex - the phallus often "falls out", there are restrictions in postures;
  • there are strong myths that the partner's pleasure directly depends on the size.
small penis size

No surgery

Non-surgical techniques include manual techniques, pharmacological support, massage, gels and creams.

Chemistry and drugs

Creams, ointments, gels are characterized by a local irritant effect. They have a positive effect on libido, increase erection. There are drugs that have been proven effective in clinical studies.

In fact, they improve local blood flow and increase the elasticity of the corpora cavernosa. However, such drugs work only in combination with mechanical stress.

Oral non-hormonal drugs

No chemist has ever developed pills that work on penis growth. This was officially recognized by a well-known company. Means for penis enlargement perfectly cope with improving the quality of erection, improve blood circulation. Therefore, a subjective visual feeling is created that the dimensions of the organ have become larger.


A generally available technique that pumps a large amount of blood into the barrel. Jelq increases the internal blood pressure, gives a controlled formation of microcracks and damage.

The result is an increase in girth, length, or both. The bonus increases endurance, erection, hormones are stimulated. When resting, the tissues of the penis recover quickly.

flexion jelqing for penis enlargement

Jelq can be dry or wet, in the latter case, lubrication is required. The technique involves thorough warming up before and after the set, only in this way will you relax the tunic and reduce the risk of injury.

The effect depends on the level of erection maintained:

  • 40-60% - length work;
  • 80% and above - work on girth (only for advanced guys in NUP).


Stretches give length, girth, head enlargement. Most of the techniques are done by hand, but sometimes assistive devices are involved. Before training, you need to warm up with at least a hot shower.

All working methods:

  • manual stretching;
  • jai, bts;
  • plump flexion;
  • sadsak Slinky;
  • A, V - stretching (direct, reverse, with an assistant);
  • Yuli (including extreme, No. 3);
  • clepping.
penis enlargement massage


Massage techniques heal the prostate gland, create sexual potential, increase the elasticity of tissues, their ability to stretch and grow. The massage can be performed up to 100 times daily, with hot, dry hands.

Several powerful techniques:

  • Tao technique for the head- fingers grab the penis at the root. With a delicate pressure, the blood is distilled upward. The head is alternately squeezed and relaxed. The set lasts 10 minutes;
  • force pull- the head is fixed with fingers, stretches down. In one approach, 5-6 stretches are carried out, 4-5 times a day;
  • tibetan massage- the technique stimulates the scrotum and trunk. After a warm shower, the scrotum is gently squeezed, massaged in circular movements for 4-5 minutes. Then they rise to the trunk, - it is worked out from root to head with light pressing movements;
  • Indian turtle head rubbing technique- the base of the head is clamped with the index and middle fingers. The tip is massaged with your thumb. Light pressure is encouraged.

No creams, ointments, gels, tablets or other drugs

If you hate pills or gels, we will show you how to go the other way.

penis enlargement surgery

Surgical intervention

Surgery helps in the presence of congenital, acquired anomalies, defects and serves in the correction of aesthetic problems.

Here's everything a good doctor can do:

  • lengthening - ligamentotomy (excision of the supporting ligament). After the operation, you must wear an extender. The result is 2. 5 cm plus;
  • thickening - carried out by transplanting a muscle flap, installing gel implants or the patient's subcutaneous fat (lipofilling). The result is an increase from 0. 5 to 2 cm;
  • combined approach - a combination of several of the listed techniques.


hyaluronic acid injections for penis enlargement

The safest, most promising way is hyaluronic acid injections.

The method works to increase the head, trunk.

Fillers are introduced into the lower third of the head, along the coronal groove.

If it is necessary to correct the bridle, the gel is pumped into the soft tissues under the bridle.

The method has a quick recovery period, local anesthesia. However, the hyaluronic acid dissolves and the procedure will have to be repeated to maintain the effect.


Phalloplasty corrects the appearance of the penis to eliminate acquired or congenital deformities, anomalies, and functional disorders.

Types of correction:

  • falloprosthetics- prescribed for irreversible erectile disorders, implies the use of inflatable, plastic prostheses;
  • reconstructive phalloplasty- full or partial restoration of the phallus with musculocutaneous flaps.


penis enlargement extender

This thing can stretch the phallus. It is worn for several hours a day, gradually increasing the size of the barbells.

The main growth is directed to the length, the trunk diameter increases slightly.

Extenders are mechanical or vacuum.

Experts advise vacuum devices due to their invisibility and convenience.

water pump

All vacuum cleaners are arranged according to the same principle. The penis is placed in a pump flask, the base is pressed against the pubis. When the air is evacuated, a negative pressure is created. A powerful blood flow goes to the phallus.

This is one of the top methods for increasing diameter and length. The bonus improves blood flow, erection. To get all the buns, you must strictly follow the methodology, correctly select the size of the flask. Otherwise, excessive pressure will lead to injury, and insufficient pressure will not work.

What are the available methods you can use

There are a lot of NUP-devices that do it yourself and are used in training to increase the phallus.

homemade vacuum pump for penis enlargement

Here are all the things you can do yourself:

  • weights, blocks, penis weights- all this makes it possible to carry out high-quality suspension for stretching the shell and ligaments;
  • jelq machine- manual device for milking a member, working on the principle of a squeezer. It facilitates training, relieves hands from tension;
  • barbell for penis building- increases the angle of erection, trains the ligament;
  • flask for pumping- stimulates the growth of the capillary network, a powerful increase in length, thickness;
  • clamps for clamps- used to get a massive, fat penis in a calm state;
  • lasso and phallus rings- auxiliary instruments used after basic vascular techniques. The goal is to continue passive training, to support the penis in a more swollen and elongated state.


Professionals advise to engage in phallus enlargement using conservative programs. It is better to leave the work of genital surgeons to solve such serious problems as Peyronie's disease, micropenis, organ loss after diseases, injuries.