Penis enlargement tips: where to get and how to use

Penis enlarger is compared to a condom

The size of the penis excites men since ancient times. Confirmation is one interesting find - an artificial penis, created about 28, 000 years ago. Today, this technique has acquired a different scale, we are talking about special attachments for instant magnification. Of all the existing techniques (exercises, preparations, massage, surgery), they differ in a temporary, but in the simplest way. What types of nozzles for penis enlargement are divided into according to the materials of manufacture, relief and functionality, the selection rules will be described below. Instructions will also be given on how to make a nozzle with your own hands and from what.

The principle of operation of nozzles for the penis

The penis enlargement nozzle is an artificial device that mimics the shape of the male genital organ. Before considering the types, selection rules, let's deal with the intended purpose, to whom and why they are needed.

To whom:

  • a man who is not satisfied with the size, shape, capabilities of the penis;
  • couples who lack variety in intimate life.

Based on the purpose, it is not difficult to understand why nozzles are needed:

  • quickly and easily adjust the size, shape of the phallus;
  • change the relief of the penis;
  • strengthen, prolong erection;
  • prolong sexual intercourse;
  • enhance the sensations of sex;
  • add variety to intimate relationships.

There are many different models on sale, which, in addition to the main function, enhance the sensations of a man and a woman during intercourse.

This is a simple, economical, harmless way in comparison with various devices, exercises, massage for penis enlargement.

The results of using the fixture

Penis extensions have been compared to condoms, but with an extension at the end.This is a kind of continuation of the penis and the head, their plausible imitation.

With the help of the device, there is a chance to lengthen the trunk by another 2-5 cm, although there are large-sized models with an increase of up to 8-10 cm on sale.

At the same time, during intercourse, a man experiences approximately the same sensations as during sex with a condom. And hereintimacy gives increased pleasure to the partner due to the thickening and lengthening of the penis, changes in its relief.

If you choose models with vibration, the sensations will become brighter for both.

Types of penis enlargers

You can consider varieties of penis-enlarging nozzles in an intimate store. It can be several dozen products for every taste. First of all, decide whether you prefer an open or closed model.The former are intended to thicken the penis, the latter add both diameter and length to the organ, while serving as a reservoir for sperm.

Also, nozzles are classified according to several characteristics:

  • manufacturing materials;
  • surface topography;
  • the presence or absence of vibration.

Production material

The most important parameter by which you need to choose a nozzle is the materials of its manufacture.The elasticity, durability of the device, the comfort of a man, the sensations of a woman depend on them.Models produced for industrial purposes are made from:

  1. cyberskin- feels as close as possible to natural human skin material. By touching the skin, the cyberskin quickly assumes its temperature, maintaining it throughout use. Feelings during intercourse are as realistic as possible. Minus - the material is delicate, vulnerable, demanding for care and maintenance, stored in a case.
  2. Silicone- medical hypoallergenic material from which 90% of intimate toys and devices are made. Differs in flexibility, elasticity, durability. Silicone easily takes the form of the penis, at the end it returns to its original form. Compatible with contraception and toys made of any materials. Minus - silicone is destroyed under ultraviolet light, it needs only water-based lubrication.
  3. PVC- the most popular material from which sex toys, dildos are made. It is good because it quickly takes the shape of the body due to its elasticity, is compatible with lubricants of any base, strong and durable. Unpretentious in the care and maintenance, operation.
  4. Rubber- a special material with enhanced thermoplastic characteristics. Pleasant to the touch, comfortable to use. Rubber takes and holds the desired shape. Most often, rubber nozzles are supplemented with relief, spikes for a thrill. They do not cause irritation, do not rub, but require care with non-aggressive products, special intimate cleaners.
  5. Plastic- the most durable material due to its density. To give it elasticity and softness, there are special additives. Nozzles of atypical shapes and sizes are made of plastic.

Surface relief

Relief enlarging penis nozzles are especially in demand and relevant. Their surface is distinguished by a peculiar relief that has a massage effect on the walls of the woman's vagina. Some models are both outside and inside, so that it is pleasant for both partners.Their main task is not so much to build up a penis, but to give new, vivid sensations from sex.

According to the relief, the nozzles are:

  • with spikes- partially or completely devices are covered with spikes, they can be of different sizes and densities;
  • with pimples– materials outside and / or inside are supplemented with balls of different heights, lengths, densities, they can be arranged in the form of patterns for the aesthetics of the device;
  • with a mustache- in the area of \u200b\u200bthe head or over the entire area of \u200b\u200bthe nozzle, antennae of different thicknesses and lengths are located in order to deliver maximum pleasure to a woman during sex;
  • three-dimensional relief- interesting models of nozzles, which are distinguished by a three-dimensional pattern on the surface and inside, in order to deliver maximum pleasure to partners;
  • with ribs- the ribbed surface enhances sensations by massaging the walls of the vagina, the ribs can be longitudinal or transverse, of different widths and heights.

The location of any type of relief can be different - they rise along the trunk or stretch along the surface with open areas. In the second case, bodily contact is provided for realistic sensations.


Another actual type of nozzle is the option with a vibrator.It is designed to maximize the sensations of a woman.As a rule, the vibrating element is located at the base of the device or at its tip. Recently, manufacturers have begun to produce new improved models, where vibration is located over the entire surface.

Vibrating nozzle - increases the size of the penis and gives pleasure to the partner

In addition to the localization of the vibrating element, such devices differ in the number of speed modes. The strongest sensations from stimulation should be expected from the device with the maximum number of them. Vibration can be performed by batteries or accumulators.

If the nozzle is equipped with vibrating bullets, they can be removed if desired.

Homemade nozzles for penis enlargement

If it is not possible to buy a nozzle, you can always make it yourself.There are many materials and instructions that even a beginner can handle. To do this, follow a few important points:

  1. Material selection. Learn what materials you can build your own nozzle from, see what is on sale. A home-made dipstick can be made from an alginate or silicone mold, polyurethane mold. Other materials are less safe and may cause allergies.
  2. Drawing up a work plan. Prepare in advance all the tools and fixtures to make dildo. You will need transparent flexible plastic, purchased material from the options above, scotch tape or other adhesive tape, cling film.
  3. Construction. Cut out a square or rectangle from plastic, taking into account the desired size of the dipstick. To determine the size, measure the length and thickness of the organ with a centimeter tape, add as much as you want to increase the parameters. Roll the sheet with a tube, fix the joint with tape. Cut a circle out of plastic to cover the hole, secure with tape.
  4. fill. Wrap the penis with cling film so that the organ does not come into contact with the material with which you fill the dildo. Now pour the material into the plastic mold, place the erect penis. Wait 15 minutes for complete solidification. Remove the tape, remove the plastic.
  5. Grinding. If you want to adjust the shape and surface of the toy, use a knife or abrasive materials. Can be sanded to perfect smoothness or embossed.
materials Gypsum Silicone Wax Plasticine
How to do You can buy it at a hardware store, pharmacy, supermarket. You just need to fashion the dildo of the desired size, wait for it to dry. Wrap the penis with cling film, stick plastic plaster on top, wait for it to dry. Finish with sandpaper for smoothness. Prepare a plastic mold for pouring silicone. Next, immerse the oil-lubricated vibrator (dildo) inside. Or wrap your penis in cling film to encase it in silicone. You can grind with any abrasive materials. The most accessible material. Take a wax candle, heat it to melt it. Place inside the plastic mold, followed by the wrapped penis. Or stick around the organ with soft, but not liquid wax, wait for it to harden. Temporary substitute for the finished nozzle. Cover the penis with plasticine, adding the required number of centimeters to the length and diameter. Place the toy in the freezer before use to firm it up. Or you can put a pencil inside along the plasticine barrel to give strength.
  • Availability
  • Ease of manufacture
  • Material Flexibility
  • Variation of shapes and sizes
  • Elasticity
  • Possibility of making any size, thickness
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Long service life
  • Easy acceptance of any form
  • Compatible with various lubricants
  • naturalness
  • Availability
  • No financial costs
  • Ease of preparation
  • Plasticity of the material
  • Rigidity
  • fragility
  • Price
  • Incompatibility with silicone lubricants
  • fragility
  • Characteristic odor
  • Allergy risks
  • Easily loses shape
  • Freezing may cause discomfort due to cold

Rules for choosing a manhood extender

There are plenty of modifications of such devices for men on the intimate goods market, which makes it difficult for the average buyer to choose.It is good if you first consult with your doctor.

Rely on several criteria:

  • target- decide in advance what exactly you need a nozzle for;
  • effects- what do you expect from the device, increase in size and / or additional stimulation during intercourse;
  • materials- study the advantages, features, disadvantages of each material from which the nozzles are made;
  • dimensions- adequately select how many centimeters your penis will be enlarged thanks to such a device, find the best option that will not squeeze the penis or hang out, subside during use;
  • price- study the manufacturer, his principle of work, reputation, remember that savings in such a matter are inappropriate, since we are talking about the most vulnerable organ.

Buy devices only in specialized intimate stores or through trusted online sites.

The pricing policy of manufacturers is varied, it depends on the country, materials and functionality of the device.

Instructions for use

The rules for using nozzles are simple, but they cannot be ignored so as not to cause discomfort to your partner or injure your own phallus.

  1. Before use, wash the nozzle with soapy water, dry. It is forbidden to use oil lubricants, solvents, boiling water, so as not to destroy the material of the product.
  2. If you are prone to allergic reactions, opt for hypoallergenic materials. Test the new device first, wear it for a couple of minutes. If during the day there are no alarming symptoms (redness, itching, burning), the materials are safe.
  3. From the inside, treat the device with talcum powder to prevent slipping, and from above with a lubricant so as not to injure the vaginal mucosa. Make sure in advance that the lubricant base is compatible with the fixture materials.
  4. Put on the device after you achieve an erection. Do this in approximately the same technique as in the case of a condom, rolling from the head to the root of the penis. If the nozzle is embossed inside, this part should be on top of the penis shaft.
  5. Do not use the device too often, as this may adversely affect the erection. The optimal time is up to half an hour.
  6. At the end, rinse the nozzle with soapy water, store in a special case, box or cloth bag in a dry state.

Remember that the nozzle is a personal item. Use by other persons is unacceptable, especially for closed types. Otherwise, the spread of infection and inflammatory processes cannot be avoided.

Embossed penis enlargement cap for intense sex experience

Reviews of men and women

  1. "Our intimate life with my husband somehow began to fade away. Monotony, difficulty achieving orgasm, all this aggravated the situation. Then I was advised on the forum to try nozzles with relief. My husband and I bought a couple of inexpensive models with spikes and ribs. Now our sex has played with new bright colors. I like that the penetration has become deeper, the sensations are stronger. No more orgasm problems. "
  2. "It always seemed to me that the size of the penis was not enough to satisfy my girlfriend. I decided to try the nozzle, which added 3 cm to my parameters in length and diameter. The result exceeded my expectations, firstly, it is very convenient, and secondly, the partner is in seventh heaven from ecstasy. "
  3. "My wife and I decided to make up for the lack of sex, so we went to the sex shop. They bought several toys and a nozzle with a relief, spikes. The ribbed area inside gives me a lot of pleasant sensations, the spikes on the outside stimulate the wife's vagina. This effect stimulates more activity and effort in bed.
  4. "I very rarely manage to achieve orgasm, if only to stimulate the clitoris. So my boyfriend and I decided to try the vibration nozzle. The result was simply amazing, not only did the penis become wider and longer thanks to such a device, but also several vibration modes bring me to orgasm over and over again.


Various attachments, artificial genital simulators, and lubricants are called upon to add variety and sharpness to intimate life.Before you add a member of the extension, find out about the desire of the partner.A joint solution will allow you to choose the right dimensions and additional features of the device. If in doubt about the advisability of such a purchase, try a home-made unit first.