How much can you enlarge a dick with pomp

In this article we will talk about a vacuum pump - a special device for penis enlargement.

penis pump

What is a vacuum pump?

The vacuum pump was originally created to combat erectile dysfunction. Penis enlargement was a side effect. On what principle does this device work?

A vacuum pump is a transparent cylinder, a flask with an inlet but no outlet. More precisely, there is an exit, but it is a small hole with a hose attached to it. A thin hose, in turn, is attached to a pump for pumping air out of the flask. The pump is often represented by a cheap hand pear, as, for example, it happens in cheap pumps from sex shops. On expensive pumps, a special pistol-pump with a pressure gauge is installed to monitor the pressure in the flask.

The principle of operation is simple:

  1. The penis is inserted into the flask.
  2. The flask is pressed tightly against the pubis.
  3. Air is evacuated from the flask using a hand pump. A negative pressure is created in the flask, or, as they say, a vacuum. As a result, the cavernous bodies are filled with blood, which causes an artificial erection.

After the pumping session, the member maintains an erection for some time, which allows, in conjunction with the use of funds from the category of Viagra or an erection ring, to have sexual intercourse.

However, users of vacuum pumps have noted that after pumping sessions, the member looks more massive than usual. As it turned out later, the use of a vacuum pump did increase the penis, but not for long: by the end of the day, the penis always took its former size. Having learned this, sex device sellers began to sell a vacuum pump as a penis enlargement device. This is how the vacuum pump gained its popularity.

Mechanisms of penis enlargement during pumping

Temporary increase

What makes pumping cause a temporary increase?

  • Mechanism 1. With prolonged (you will learn about the time of sets later in the article) pumping, the elastin fibers in the tunic of the penis are stretched. This allows the cavernous bodies to hold more blood, thereby increasing the girth of the penis. After a couple of hours, when the elastin fibers will again take their previous length, the girth of the penis will return to its usual norm.
  • Mechanism 2. The second mechanism for penis enlargement is lymph flow. During pumping, not only a lot of blood, but also lymph flows into the penis. It is concentrated under the skin (in the foreskin), which causes the effect of the so-called "doughnut" after the completion of the pumping session. During the first lessons with a pump, the lymph floods more strongly. Later, the amount of lymph during pumping is significantly reduced. In general, lymph is not dangerous, and is not a negative sign. In addition, a few hours after class, the lymph will leave your penis through the lymphatic channels, and everything will return to normal. If possible, make sure that the amount of lymph is not excessive.

Increasing on a permanent basis

To increase on a permanent basis, you need to combine the use of the pump with manual exercises. Then, with special pumping modes, it will be possible to stretch the tunic, and in the next cycle "pump" the caverns. With each of these tasks, with a competent approach, the vacuum pump successfully copes.

The vacuum pump can be used as a stand-alone device, or combined with the main manual program. The second option is preferable.

Using the pump in conjunction with manual exercises, you can achieve a much greater result to increase the frequency converter. Thus, with the help of a vacuum pump it is possible to increase both the length and the girth of the penis.

Types of pumping


Packing is a pomp mode for stretching the tunic. Packing requires a narrow flask in which the erect member cannot swell in breadth, so the force of the vacuum will pull it in length. This method allows you to increase the length of the penis, as well as stretch the tunic.

Classic pumping

Classic pumping is pumping in a wide flask. The force of the vacuum in such a flask causes the member to swell in breadth, filling the cavities with blood to the limit. With a stretched tunic, this method of pumping helps to effectively increase the girth of the penis.

Safety rules for working with a vacuum pump

Vacuum pump is a fairly effective tool for penis enlargement. However, with thoughtless use, you will only get injuries and darkening of the penis. Please read this article carefully before using the device.

Under no circumstances violate the following rules:

  1. If you experience pain, immediately stop the pumping session. Find out what is causing the pain. If the cause was an injury, then wait for complete healing before the next session. If the cause of pain was, for example, pinching of the skin, the problem should be solved and the pumping session should be resumed.
  2. Never rush. Do not bring the pumping session to pain! Increase the pressure (more precisely, lower it, since a vacuum is created in the flask) smoothly, week after week. The secret of growth is not in crazy loads, but in constant competent training.
  3. Do not, under any circumstances, exceed 40 minutes of pumping session per set! One hour is the time limit on a light load. By this time, you need to approach slowly. With a prolonged vacuum, blood ceases to circulate freely in the penis, as a result of which the cells in the penis begin to die. I will talk about progression in pumping below.
  4. Don't pump too often. The pumping session is a very pleasant thing: the member in the pump swells to an impressive size, which is nice to see. However, you do not need to pump 3 times a day. Your goal is penis enlargement, not admiring the temporary effect. Exercising too often interferes with growth. Therefore, follow the training schedule, which you will learn about later in the article.

Vacuum pump training program

Consider two training programs:

  1. The first program is aimed at stretching the albuginea of the penis.
  2. The second program is aimed at "pumping" caverns.

Two different flasks are needed for each of the two programs. The hose and the pump for pumping out of air are universal for any flasks. The first type of training requires a narrow packer. How to choose the size of the flask based on the size of the penis, I described in the article "How to choose a vacuum pump. "

Protein membrane stretching program (length)

The flask for packing should be narrow enough: the erect penis does not swell in breadth during packing, the walls of the flask limit expansion, instead the penis is extended in length.

Training program:

  1. Testicular massage - 5 min.
  2. Steam heating - 10-15 minutes.
  3. Light straight stretches in all directions - 10-15 minutes.
  4. High tension rope - 10 min.
  5. Rope or A-stretch (as you prefer). You can include reverse thrust here, as well as sitting on a member.
  6. Light jelq - 50 reps. Before you start pumping, you should prepare the penis for pumping. Jelq is perfect for this purpose. Dry or wet jelq, whichever suits you best.
  7. Packing. Now we will describe in detail how the pumping session is performed.

Packing procedure

Bring the penis to 80-90% erection, lubricate with cream or liquid petroleum jelly, then insert into the flask and press it firmly against the pubis. Try not to get the Vaseline on the scrotum, otherwise it will also be sucked into the flask. If this happens, do not tolerate it: remove the flask, wipe the scrotum dry with a napkin, and reinsert the penis into the flask. If friction prevents stretching, then lubricate the inside of the flask itself with sliding cream-oil. The slip should be 100%.

On high-quality pumps there is a pressure gauge, it indicates the pressure in the pump. I can’t give you the optimal pressure indicators, because for someone 4 units will seem like a tangible load, while the other will not feel anything. You need to monitor the pressure for another reason: you need to know at what mark you started, so that you can then smoothly increase the load and not go too far.

The member in the flask will stretch to its full length. Follow your feelings. Stop the set if pain occurs.

Training sets

Rest between sets 3-5 minutes. At this time, light stretching can be done. Before the next set, again bring the penis to 80-90% erection.

  • First set. Spend the first set on a light load: do not try to pump out all the air to stretch the penis to the maximum in the first approach. If at first you start to gesture, it will stall growth. Everything has its time. Give light exercise for 10 min.
  • Second set. The next set, you can increase the pressure a little. This is where a pressure gauge comes in handy: look at the gauge and raise the pressure a little. Also allow 10-15 minutes for the second set.
  • Third set. For the third set, do not increase the pressure, but increase the time to 20 minutes. You should feel good throughout the set. No pain!

After sets

After packing again light jelq, literally 30-50 light repetitions. Don't try to do a full hard jelq like on a vascular program. In this case, you need jelq to increase blood circulation, since during pumping, blood stagnates in the penis.

Then do straight pulls of medium strength for 5-10 minutes.

Increasing the load

And now a little more about increasing the load. All week do not exceed the specified load. The first set is easy, 10 minutes, the second set is slightly increased load and also 10-15 minutes, the third set at the same pressure is 20 minutes. In a week, slightly, just a little, increase the load for the first set, therefore, the second set will be with an even greater load, the third set at the same pressure but already 20 minutes. The scheme is simple.

So, week after week, gradually increase the load. This will help you get the best results. After a few weeks, when you gain experience, then increase the duration of the sets to 15 minutes for the first set, 20 minutes for the second and 25 minutes for the third.

With enough experience, you can upgrade and change your training program.

Vascular program using a pump

List of exercises:

  1. Testicular massage - 5 min.
  2. Steam heating - 10-15 minutes.
  3. Direct traction of medium strength - 5 min.
  4. Jelq - 100 reps.
  5. Erect curls - 10 min.
  6. Sitting on a semi-erect member - 10 min.
  7. Pumping session.

Order of conduct

The pumping session on the vascular cycle is exactly the same as on the tunic stretching cycle, with the only exception that the flask in this case is wide, not narrow, and the penis inflates in breadth. The session time and the principle of increasing the load are exactly the same. You can always re-read all the articles on our website.

Do push-ups between sets. 10-15 pushes between sets will be enough. The combination of a vacuum pump and punches gives fantastic VUPs. Perform punching carefully. If you feel that the load is too great, then slow down and shorten the workout.

Finally, do a light jelq to get your circulation going.

The workout is over. At the end of the workout, lubricate the penis with an ambulance ointment for bruises and bruises or equivalents. Schedule 2/1 or 3/1.

With the help of this program, after a cycle of stretching the tunic, I was able to increase the girth of the penis by 0. 5 cm per month. It was a good result! Then the growth slowed down, after which I switched back to the stretching cycle of the tunic.

Be attentive to your sexual organ. If you feel that the member is not ready for such a load or has not recovered, rest.

A couple of important points

Now let's look at a couple of important points in classic pumping.

Moment 1 - manual exercises + pump

The vacuum pump is a great addition to the main exercise program and enhances the effect of training. You should not switch to a single use of the pump - this will be the wrong decision.

Moment 2 - lymph

When exercising with a pump, the penis is strongly "flooded" with lymph. The first workouts of lymph can be more, after several sessions it "floods" not so much.

If there is a lot of lymph, then you can divide the set into two stages, with a pause between stages of 30 seconds.

To prevent a large amount of lymph, pumping in a condom will allow. Yes, don't be surprised. In a condom, the skin is tightly squeezed, which prevents the lymph from collecting under it. This does not affect the overall effectiveness of training.

Moment 3 - healing creams

At the end of training, you must use a healing cream. This will help to quickly heal red dots and prevent darkening of the penis.

Moment 4 - blood during pumping

With classic pumping, it is advisable to drink aspirin before training. It increases blood flow and prevents blood clots.

During exercise at increased loads, a couple of small drops of blood can come out of the urethra. This is due to damage to the vessels in the urethra. In this case, immediately end the session and give yourself a rest of two weeks. During the rest, drink a drug to strengthen blood vessels or a proven analogue. You should also take vitamin E.

After two weeks of rest, resume training, but start gradually: after two weeks of light training, return to full training.

Moment 5 - sex after training

After a workout, you should not have sex or masturbate. Give yourself and your member a rest. Have sex next time.

Moment 6 - darkening of the skin

With active classic pumping, the skin of the penis may darken a little. This happens when the conditions described by me in the program are not observed: warming up, adequacy of the load, use of creams after training. In any case, darkening is not a painful sign. I described the darkening mechanism in previous articles.

Parting words and wishes

You could not help but notice that the duration of the described workouts exceeds an hour. Yes, it is long enough, but at this stage it is necessary. After the growth of a beginner, after the first centimeters, it is more and more difficult to achieve a greater increase. The member adapts to the loads, so the workouts also become more difficult. But do not lose heart, everything is in your hands!

Dissatisfaction with the size of the penis can be a serious obstacle to building a man's personal life. "Thanks" to this, he is often in a state of constant stress and self-doubt. With regard to penis enlargement, good reviews are found in relation to pumps. What is a device for the penis, what types of devices exist and how to use them, we will tell in the article.

Types and features

Despite external differences, the mechanism of action of the pumps is quite similar. With the help of a vacuum, any device creates a low-pressure environment, which leads to an active pumping of blood along the pressure gradient into the penis. Filling the cavernous bodies of the penis with blood will increase its size by several centimeters. The number of cm by which the "growth" of the organ will occur will depend on many factors: tissue plasticity, the age of the man, and anatomical features. Therefore, it is not always possible to predict the result of use.

Classification of pumps according to the mechanism of penis enlargement:

  • Manual. The advantage of manual devices will be a small cost. According to men, the disadvantage of the device is the need to create a vacuum manually.
  • Electric. The operation of the device is much easier. The device creates a vacuum due to electrical energy. Management - push-button. As disadvantages, men indicate the price.
  • Water. A new device, insufficiently tested by the domestic consumer. Manufacturers indicate that the device is easy to operate and safe, while the effectiveness in terms of penis enlargement is in no way inferior to the "classic" models.

There are subspecies of devices that allow you to increase the size of the penis. For example, acting only on the upper part of the penis. The effectiveness of this kind of device is called into question, since it is not entirely clear how the vacuum is created, whether the tissues of the penis are pinched, and whether the mechanism of action is sufficiently safe.

Latest news

The review of new products will take more than one page of printed text, so let's focus on the most popular devices that you need to buy through the network or in sex shops:

  • Electrical appliance. In addition to increasing the size, the pump, according to the instructions, can bring real pleasure to the user due to vibrating vibrations. Sold with a remote control. Absolute tightness of the device is possible thanks to a dense seal. To avoid injury to the organ, the manufacturer has equipped the device for the penis with a valve that relieves excessive stress.
  • Manual pump. The positive side is the very affordable price. A simple vacuum pump, judging by the description, will not only add a couple of centimeters to the penis, but will also lead to a stronger erection and relieve sexual impotence.
  • Hydraulic vacuum device. The manufacturer promises efficiency even in the most hopeless cases. The device works by means of a hydraulic vacuum application; a special rubber corrugation attached to the base helps to pump water into the device. According to the instructions, the device will help increase the penis of men who have already lost sexual health. These are the words in the description.
  • Pump. Convenience and simplicity - this is the slogan that characterizes the product. According to the mechanism of action, the pump belongs to conventional hand-held devices equipped with a vacuum balloon for air suction.
  • Pump for impact on the head of the penis. It has a convenient adjustment device consisting of 2 buttons. Easy to use. The pump will give a few centimeters, while helping a man to enjoy. The size of the device is only 10 cm, and the diameter is 5 cm.

Mode of application

The method of application largely depends on the characteristics of the device. To begin with, we will introduce you to the general rules for operating pumps. General instructions for use:

  • The pump needs to be cleaned. The device must be washed under warm running water, using detergents that do not cause damage to the pump material. Use boiling water, chemicals are prohibited.
  • Throwing, hitting, squeezing the product is prohibited!
  • Store pumps in a place protected from direct sunlight, storage temperature - no more than 35 degrees.

Further recommendations concern the use of vacuum pumps. Before putting on the pump, the product or skin of the penis must be treated with a special lubricant. The use of oil and improvised means is unacceptable. It is preferable to take a lubricant on a fat basis. On the penis itself, in addition to lubrication, you can apply a cream for growth and better stretching of the tissues of the penis.

Next, a member is introduced into the device and begin to pump air. A negative pressure is created inside due to the pumping out of air, and blood enters the penis along the pressure gradient. The device must be held with a free hand, while pumping the pear with the second. Attention: if the air is not pumped out, check the valve. It must be closed!

You need to "work" until a slight reddening of the penis and a feeling of a rush of blood (erection). The vacuum is held for up to 30 seconds. There should be no pronounced pain, bruising, pain when using the pump. After 30 seconds, the valve opens and air enters the pump. The next "approach" is carried out after the disappearance of an erection. One procedure with the device lasts no more than 15-20 minutes.

At first, you need to use the product 1 time in 2 days, and then daily for 2 weeks. It is better to carry out the procedure before going to bed, for 1-2 hours. The initial exposure time should not be more than 1 minute, from the 3rd week you can increase it to 2 minutes. In parallel with the pump, it is allowed to use an erection ring worn on the base of the penis. The device delays the outflow of blood and helps to maintain an erection for a longer time.

Electric ones are used in a similar way, only the device pumps air on its own when a button is pressed. There are differences in the operation of hydropumps. It is better to do the procedure in the shower or bathroom. First, the apparatus is filled with water and pressed tightly against the body. At the same time, the man himself can also be in the bath, partially immersing the penis in water. After that, with both hands, gently press the pump several times so that the water leaves the apparatus through the valve and a vacuum is created.

Further, the man is recommended to simply relax and lie down for 1-2 minutes. Operating conditions are the same as for vacuum manual pumps: no pronounced discomfort! After the specified time, you need to relieve pressure, remove the device and massage the penis for about 30 seconds. You can perform actions 3 r / day for 15 minutes.


Contraindications to the use of pumps can be absolute and relative. The absolute ones are:

  • Diabetes.
  • Severe diseases of the liver, kidneys, cardiovascular system.
  • Phimosis, paraphimosis, similar diseases of the foreskin of the penis.
  • Blood disorders, especially those accompanied by an increased risk of bruising and bleeding.
  • Anomalies of the anatomical development of the penis.
  • Increased tendency to thrombosis.
  • Inguinal hernia.

Relative contraindications include damage to the skin of the penis and head of the penis, skin diseases. You can not carry out the procedure for sexually transmitted infections.

Advantages and disadvantages

An undoubted advantage of the application is penis enlargement without a complex operation, which is usually followed by a long recovery period. The procedure does not require a man to be separated from daily activities: it is enough to devote just 15-20 minutes of your personal time to care. An additional advantage is the absence of the need to consult a doctor, since you can order a pump anonymously over the Internet. Although this situation can be dangerous if a man has at least one contraindication, which only a specialist can know about. In such a situation, the procedure for penis enlargement with pomp can lead to serious complications.

Disadvantages and complications:

  • Bruising and soreness. A member can be damaged in the same way as any other organ. By the way, there is even such a medical term as a penis fracture that occurs when an organ is injured due to physical impact.
  • Swelling of the penis (probably associated with stagnation of blood and the formation of subcutaneous hematoma).
  • Among the shortcomings, many men highlight the instability of the effect: as soon as the erection disappears, the penis acquires its former size.

After analyzing all of the above, as well as reading the opinions of experts, we can conclude that the effectiveness of the procedure will largely depend on the individual characteristics of the man. It is impossible to predict in advance the extensibility of the tissues of the penis, as well as other significant features. In any case, the pump will diversify your own sex life, give new sensations and, perhaps, allow you to take a fresh look at the capabilities of your body.