Penis Enlargement Exercises

It so happened that the main advantage of a man is not only intelligence or strength, but also a reproductive organ. Nature has endowed some men with a penis of sufficient size, while others suffer from low confidence in their male powers, consider their phallus not long or thick enough, are interested in how to enlarge a penis, can it be made more powerful at home. There are many techniques for solving this problem. The most accessible are massage, exercises for penis enlargement.

device for penis enlargement exercises

Improving Dignity

Of course, before doing exercises to increase the thickness of the penis and its length at home, you should think about whether these are psychological complexes. Normal figures are as follows: thickness from 3 to 4 cm, and length in an erection - 12-16 cm. If the numbers of manhood coincide with these indicators, then there is nothing to worry about. If a problem exists, consider safe at-home massages, exercises to increase thickness or length. You must also be aware of the factors in which some men should not receive massage and exercises that can increase the penis. This:

  • Trauma, surgery, neoplasms.
  • Pustular, infectious, venereal diseases.
  • Age up to 16 years.

For training, you need to prepare a soft terry towel, lubricant, hot water, study the literature or video clips on how to do exercises to increase the power of the phallus. A centimeter tape, a notebook, a pencil are needed to measure manhood and fix changes in size. To enlarge the phallus, are used:

  • Actions aimed at stretching the muscles, massage.
  • Increased blood supply to the cavernous bodies.
  • Kegel exercises.
  • Power or circular stretches.
  • Jelqing.

It is desirable that there are no distractions during classes.


Muscle stretching is aimed at a slight lengthening, penis enlargement. Before starting the exercises, it is worth warming up the penis with a towel moistened with hot water (carefully so as not to burn the skin). The hot compress should be held for 10-15 minutes. Simultaneously with warming up, it is desirable to carry out a light massage. After warming up, grab the base of the head with your fingers and very carefully pull it 1-1. 5 cm, hold it for a couple of minutes, then gently release it, warm it up again, and do a gentle massage. To enlarge the male organ, repeat the procedure up to 20 times, focusing on sensations.

An important condition: stretching exercises are carried out only in a relaxed state of the penis, so as not to get injured.

For blood flow

The exercise is aimed at increasing the blood supply to the tissues of the penis. It is desirable to perform the exercise with a full erection, but very carefully so as not to be injured. To do this, you need to grab the base of the organ with one hand, and the head with the other and very carefully make circular movements, like squeezing, twisting the towel. Repeat the exercise for no more than five minutes, twice a week. If the slightest feeling of pain appears, training is prohibited.

Help Kegel

Kegel exercise will not significantly enlarge the penis, but will help to ensure blood flow to the cavernous bodies. Training the tension of the pelvic muscles, followed by girth and stretching of the head, increases the erection and enhances the orgasm in a man. The technique of homework is to reduce and relax the pubococcygeus muscle. The exercise is performed at least twice a day, fifteen approaches are done.

Be sure to follow the breathing technique, inhale and exhale through the nose during contraction and relaxation of the muscle. To achieve the maximum effect, Kegel exercises should be performed in combination with massage and other workouts.

Power Pull

Physical exercises for increasing and power stretching are carried out while sitting. Before the procedure, you need to warm up the penis and use a lubricant. Then grab the head of the penis with your fingers, pull it towards you, turn the organ left and right, making intervals between turns for several seconds. To enlarge the penis, it is advisable to do 5-6 approaches daily. There may be some discomfort during the procedure. In no case should pain be allowed to appear. Severe pain that engulfed the penis is an immediate reason to see a doctor.

Circular extrusion

You can make the penis more powerful by circular stretching, which is similar to a strength exercise. The difference lies in the fact that when pulling the penis, the movements are carried out clockwise. The main condition for performing this technique to increase manhood is to do at least 20 rotations in one session. It is desirable to combine circular stretching with other types of power stretching, massage. Some men claim that in this way for a month of home training you can increase the penis by 1-2 cm.


Jelqing is a technique for increasing the size, volume, and mass of the penis. Based on pushing blood from the pubis to the head. Before jelqing, it is important to warm up the penis well. Then try to achieve an incomplete erection, grab the phallus with two fingers, squeeze a little, slowly move your hand along the organ. Hand pressure should not cause pain. Periodically, to further enlarge the penis, you can carry out its small, half-second twitches. Such a light stretch allows you to quickly increase its size. To increase the base of the phallus, you can do reverse jelks (from the head to the pubis).

The first time when performing jelqing, lubrication (lubricant) will be required so as not to cause damage and inflammation of the delicate skin. To enlarge the penis, it is advisable to jelq daily for at least 10 minutes.

You can increase male dignity with a variety of exercises. Many penis enlargement exercises at home are effective, practically safe. It is better not to practice classes with a load or a pump, as there is a possibility of serious injury. To better master the training methodology, you can watch a video on how to enlarge the penis on the websites of urologists, sexologists. On the Internet, you can find and read books on this burning topic. One of the great authors, Aaron Kemmer, has written a great bestseller on penis enlargement exercises you can do at home. The impossible is possible. A man who constantly does exercises will eventually increase his phallus, raise self-esteem, and give his half pleasant moments of sexual intercourse.

The sphere of intimate relationships has always been and will be one of the topical male topics. Since ancient times, the penis was erected into a cult by many peoples. Remember the numerous images of the phallus on the walls of the surviving buildings of Egypt. The phallus has always been associated with male strength and courage. Every man wants to have a larger than average penis. For the first time, massage for penis enlargement is described in Arabic chronicles. It is believed that Arab boys from their youth used various methods to increase the penis, which was part of sex education. In this article, we will talk about how to enlarge your penis easily with exercises and massage at home. We will define the simplest and most common method, as well as reveal the secrets of forgotten techniques.

Can it be downloaded?

The phallus is not a muscle! Thinking logically, you can understand that pumping up the penis in the gym is impossible. It is possible to tone and strengthen only the muscles of the pelvic floor, which play an important role in erection, but they do not participate in the formation of sizes. The body of the penis is formed by two cavernous bodies and one spongy, which passes into the head of the penis, and the cavernous bodies are on the sides. For a better understanding, you can compare the penis with a sausage in the dough, where the sausage is a spongy body, and the dough is cavernous. Cavernous bodies are so called because they contain gaps or "caverns" where blood enters during an erection. It works like this: blood enters the gaps, fills them, at this time the muscles of the pelvic floor, as it were, block the outflow of blood from the penis - more comes in than leaves. This is how an erection occurs. When the muscles relax, venous blood leaves, the gaps are released. As a result, the large phallus gradually returns to normal size. All at the very least effective methods are based on increasing the number and size of gaps in the body of the penis, as well as stretching the skin of the penis and traumatizing the cavernous and spongy bodies in order to give them an impulse to grow. All this leads to an increase in the length and thickness of the organ. Thus, massage is what you should pay attention to if you want to increase your manhood.

Classification of methods

  1. Massage for penis enlargement (on the penis at rest and on the erect penis).
  2. Exercises:
    • "Jelqing".
    • "Uli".
    • "Double Uli".
    • "Reverse Uli-Jelqing and Jelking-Uli".
    • "Jelqing with maintaining the head of the penis. "

Manual ways

Often people use different types of extenders to enlarge the phallus. But they are expensive and can damage the penis. And after all, this is a foreign body that must be worn on the penis for at least 6 hours a day. This is a number of shortcomings of the technique. For those who are unable to purchase an extender or simply do not want to, there are many types of massage and exercises that can be used to increase the size of the penis just as effectively at home. Many consider these techniques more physiological and less traumatic.

Benefits of exercise and massage:

  1. You can do this at home at any convenient time at home.
  2. It does not take much time (with the exception of some techniques).
  3. No prior consultation with a doctor is required.


  1. It is necessary to carefully learn the execution technique.
  2. The result varies and is very individual.
  3. You can injure your penis.

Let us examine in detail the technique of performing massages, they are also exercises for penis enlargement. Being engaged regularly, you can increase not only the length of the phallus, but also the thickness. You will also notice that the erection will become longer, and the sensations during intercourse will be brighter.

Before carrying out any massage and exercises for penis enlargement, it is necessary to wrap the penis with a towel moistened with warm water for 10 minutes. This is done in order to reduce trauma to the penis. Be sure to generously lubricate the penis with lubricant or petroleum jelly (in some methods, the procedure is carried out "dry", this will be mentioned). It is necessary to strictly observe the level of the recommended erection for performing exercises, otherwise the penis may be damaged.

How uli helps with jelqing

We describe in detail the most common exercises.


The most common and well-known penis enlargement exercise is "Jelqing".

Massage technique: you need to squeeze the penis at the base with the first and second fingers of your right hand and slowly stretch it to the head. Without releasing your right hand, squeeze the penis at the base with the first and second fingers of your left hand and stretch it again. Then again with the right hand, about thirty times in total. Erection should be 50-75%.


This is also a very common and easy exercise to increase the thickness of the penis.

Massage technique: grab the penis, then squeeze for 40 seconds. and let go. The number of repetitions depends on the degree of training, on average 3-5 times. At the time of execution, there should be a complete erection.

"Double Uli"

The technique is similar to the Uli penis enlargement exercise.

Method of execution: with one hand you need to take the penis at the base, and with the other - in the head area. Next, rhythmically squeeze the penis simultaneously with both hands for 40-50 seconds. The number of repetitions also depends on the degree of training and the desired result.

Reverse "Uli-Jelqing"

Technique: with your left hand, you need to grab the penis at the base and hold it throughout the exercise. Grasp the head with your right hand, squeeze it a little and stretch it to the base in the same way as during the execution of Jelqing. Do this about 30 times with an erection of 90-95%.

Reverse "Jelqing-Uli"

Massage technique: with one hand grab the penis at the base and squeeze. With the other hand, start doing the Jelqing penis enlargement exercise. It is necessary to alternate hands. The exercise is performed no more than 10 times with an erection of 90-95%.

Method with maintenance of the glans penis

This exercise is performed with an erection of 90–95% no more than once. To enhance the effect of the exercise, it is recommended to do Kegel exercises to train the muscles of the perineum and increase blood flow. So, back to technology. With your right hand, you need to grab the penis at the base, do "Jelqing", stop on the head and hold your hand there throughout the exercise. At this time, with your left hand, begin to perform "Jelqing" from the base to the head.

Exercise "Bend"

It is performed on a practically non-erect penis without the use of lubrication, the maximum level of erection is 25%. The technique is aimed at increasing the thickness of the penis.

To perform, you need to grab the penis at the head with one hand and pull the penis like a string. Put the fingers of the second hand under the penis and bend it down. So it is necessary to bend the penis 6 times in different directions, changing the position and quantity. With the advent of dexterity for bending, you can no longer use 1-2, but 4 fingers. This will be more efficient.

Finally, we describe the technique of the Kegel exercise, which can be easily performed at home.

It is easy to do - just try to stop the stream of urine while urinating and you will immediately feel the tension between the scrotum and anus, this is where the muscles important for erection are located. Simulate the suspension of the urine stream - and there is an exercise. You can train the muscles of the perineum in this way anywhere and unnoticed by others.

From practice: for greater effectiveness, along with performing a massage to enlarge the penis, you can use various ointments, mousses and creams to change the size of the phallus.

There is nothing impossible in life! It all depends on the motivation and the amount of effort put into it. Penis enlargement exercises have proven their effectiveness for many years, but it takes more than weeks of training to achieve results. Try! It's so nice to feel macho!

Taoist practices for men

The philosophy of Taoism teaches us to contemplate and observe trends and energy flows, and in no case go against the flow, but recognize the rhythm of the universe and join it. Taoism teaches calmness and self-control over both the body and emotions. From a European point of view, this is the ability to recognize the paths of least resistance and use them to your advantage. The teachings of the Tao are multifaceted; it touched both the practices of healing the body and the practices of sexual relations. Unlike the Christian tradition, the Taoists did not consider sex to be sinful, they perceived it as an energy process that is part of the Universe, and strove for its perfection. As a result, the Taoists developed an original system of physical exercises, which is designed to optimize the energy processes (energy "qi") in the human body.

Taoist Exercises to Improve Qi Circulation

"Seven Wonderful Exercises". The purpose of this complex is to increase the circulation of "qi" and increase the overall energy potential of the body. The first four exercises stimulate the circulation of qi flows, the remaining three help improve blood circulation, get rid of congestion, and ensure blood supply to all remote areas.

Taoist practices for men

In the urethral canal in the region of the base of the penis there is a thickening - the seminal tubercle. The vas deferens pass through the body of the seminal tubercle. Sperm, entering through them during ejaculation, expands the ducts and acts on the nerve receptors of the seminal tubercle. This is what causes the feeling of orgasm in a man.

The Taoist technique of multiple male orgasm is based on these processes, when the flow of sperm is mechanically stopped at the level of the seminal tubercle and squeezed back (which is done by squeezing the trained pubococcygeus muscle). In this way, you can repeatedly get the sensation of orgasm without ejaculation. In addition, in Taoist techniques, they practice throwing semen into the bladder, controlling the obturator mechanism of the bladder. The benefits and safety for men's health of the technique of redirecting the flow of sperm is highly controversial and questionable. Taoists consider the seed saved in this rather extreme way to be an additional source of energy and longevity, which is also doubtful (the seminal fluid will leave the body anyway, only with urine).

Feeling the approach of ejaculation, the man strains the anus and pelvic floor, suspending breathing, as in the "Deer" exercise described below. This somewhat reduces the intensity of a man's sexual activity, as well as desire. With good self-control, a man can stop the ejaculate in the area of the seed tubercle, having experienced a semblance of an orgasm; after a short pause, he can continue the friction, prolonging the sexual intercourse.

For men and women

Here are some simple but effective exercises from different Taoist styles:

The first golden exercise "Deer"

Considering the deer to be an animal of high potency, the Taoists observed its behavior and noticed that it was constantly shaking its tail. Why he shakes, only the deer knows, but the Taoists regarded his behavior as training the pubococcygeus muscle. Exercise helps prevent pelvic organ prolapse, which can occur with age and impair sexual function (as well as urinary and fecal incontinence) in both women and men. In addition, a trained pubococcygeal muscle makes it possible to control the duration of sexual intercourse. "Deer" is reminiscent of Kegel exercises.

Regular practice of Taoist exercises will allow you to feel your body more sharply, to feel its processes, and will also give you the opportunity to influence and control them.

First you need to stand firmly on a flat surface straight and massage the occipital fossa at the base of the skull with the middle fingers of both hands 49 times. This is supposed to activate the nerve endings at the entrance to the brain. Then you need to put your fingers in a pinch around your thumb.

Inhalation is made through the nose and held for 10-15 seconds. At this time, you should quickly and strongly strain the pelvic floor and retract the anus. Then exhale through the nose for 5 seconds. The mouth should be closed, the tongue should be behind the lower row of teeth. Relaxation should occur on exhalation. Exercise is performed 21 times - after sleep and before bedtime.

"Recovery Source"

Exercise is designed to normalize kidney function. First you need to stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart, arms hanging and relaxed, breathing through the nose. Take a deep breath, while rising on your toes and turning your shoulders. You should try to stop breathing for a minute and shake your whole relaxed body. In this case, men are invited to shake their genitals, and women to relax the sphincter of the entrance to the vagina. As you exhale, tighten your stomach and gently lower your heels. Plus, you need to make circular movements of the shoulders 16 times in the "eight" (at the same time, you can already breathe voluntarily). Hands remain lowered. With proper exercise, you can feel the flow of blood to the fingers.

Exercise "8 diagrams" ("8 trigrams")

Hands draw a figure similar to the yin-yang symbol in a circle (trigram). Stand up straight, arms hanging down, body and mind relaxed. Slowly raise your arms in front of you to shoulder level, as if holding a round object, sit down slightly. The left hand smoothly rises above the head, and the right hand goes down, describing an arc from behind, while doing a semi-squat on the left leg. Then raise your right hand forward and up until it rises above your head. Turn your right palm back and draw a vertical circle with your hand, and then "yin-yang" in this circle. Having described the symbol, the right hand should rise above the head. Step your right foot forward and half squat on it. The left hand goes down and back, outlining the symbol of the trigram. Having finished describing the symbol, the left hand is above the head. Then the right hand goes down and draws the symbol again, and the right foot steps back. The exercise is done 8 times on each side in about a minute and looks like a kind of dance.

The exercise develops coordination of movements, calms the nervous system (following the movements of the arms and legs, one can hardly think of anything else), activates a number of reflexogenic points in the area of the shoulder blades, shoulders and neck. It is believed that the systematic implementation of the "8 trigrams" prevents heart disease, including myocardial infarction.

"Turtle retracts its head"

Exercise helps to get rid of abdominal fat (abdominal obesity) and is extremely beneficial for metabolic syndrome and diabetes. Standing, hang your arms along the body. Turn your palms towards the ground. Raise your hands to your chest. Take a half step forward and half squat on the front leg. Tilt, hands try to "rake" the ground, and then rise along the front leg (at this time it smoothly straightens) to the stomach, turning the palms towards the body.

"Roc Flight" This exercise improves coordination and normalizes weight.

Hands in front of the chest are located as if holding a ball. With this "ball" you need to describe a horizontal figure eight, lowering it down and starting the ascent at the most achievable point (half of the figure eight). Then the hands return to the chest and describe the second half of the eight on the other side.

"Soaring White Crane"

This is a whole complex of exercises built on the imitation of the movements of a crane, its head, neck and wings. Designed to improve the spine, effective in the fight against cervical osteochondrosis, helps to normalize blood pressure, eliminate headaches and back pain. How to perform the movements, it is better to look at the video, the video sequence is accompanied by comments.

Recommendations for Taoist exercises

Movements should be performed without haste and fuss, without overstrain, but with maximum awareness of the elements being done. It is important to do the exercises systematically - only then will their beneficial effect be fully manifested.