How much does it cost to enlarge a member

Penis enlargement money

On the one hand, money seems to be a universal evil and many dream of canceling it. On the other hand, this superpower can be directed to a useful channel, for example, to modernize your own body.

Today we will tell you how many banknotes will be spent onpenis enlargement, if you want to turn such a kunstuk. At the same time, we will show you how to do it "for free".

The cost of different methods

We looked at specific figures in large cities. In the regions, the cost is 5-10% cheaper.


In order not to run into a rare mess and unsanitary conditions,we advise you to contact the state centers of andrology, urology, family health. . . Private clinics and centers work to help them (do not forget to check the license, it should hang in the most conspicuous place in the hall).

The actual cost of surgery is strongly tied to the reputation of the clinic and the experience of the doctors. I advise you not to look for a cheap option.

Penis enlargement surgery

Here's what can be done surgically:

  • ligamentotomy- trimming the bundle will give +3 cm to the length. After the operation, they will be forced to wearstretcherandextender. . . Price - from $ 425;
  • head surgery- remove pathologies, restore the volume of the crown, normal size. A simple dissection starts at $ 35. Granuloplasty (shape restoration) - from $ 280;
  • falloprosthetics- works to restore erectile function. There is some increase at rest due to the prosthesis. Price - from $ 155 to $ 8450;
  • phalloplasty- gives a complete restoration of the penis against the background of anomalies, pathologies, micropenis, injuries. Price - from $ 42 to $ 3520;
  • lipofilling- carried out by pumping fat cells into the trunk. Price - from $ 310;
  • thickening of the muscle flap- The "captain" will become thicker due to the addition of an additional flap, borrowed from other parts of the body. Price - from $ 985 to $ 3100;
  • combined operations- thicken and lengthen the phallus at the same time. Price - from $ 2325 to $ 4930.

Hyaluronic acid injections

Hyaluronic acid injections to increase the volume of the phallus

Hyaluron works as a filler and gives the phallus extra volume. As a bonus, the drug reduces sensitivity, which prolongs sexual intercourse.The acid is absorbed by the body for 6-8 months, after which the injections will have to be repeated.

Local anesthesia is applied. Rehabilitation is quick and painless. There are practically no complications, but doctors with crooked hands and eyes have cosmetic defects and infections. The price of an intracavernous injection is from $ 10 per cube of acid, excluding the cost of the drug. On average, you need 20-30 cubes.

Creams, gels and sprays

These things are characterized by local action. They are based on plant extracts and oils. Getting on the skinthey trigger intense blood circulation, which makes the cavernous bodies happy. . .

Let us remind you that they work on the principle of a balloon. The more blood gets here, the more they swell. This has a direct effect on size.

If you use the preparations alone, you will get a short-term effect. This will help out before sex. Long-term results are achieved with exercise.

Appliance cost

Increasing the length of the penis with an extender

In the matter of magnification, devices such as an extender, a stretcher, and a pump work.

Meet the price and a brief description:

  • extender- the device is worn for at least six months, 6-8 hours a day. The tensile force is increased by increasing the length of the rods. Average height in length + 2. 5-3 cm. Price for mechanical models - from $ 24. Vacuum tanks - from $ 136;
  • water pump- due to negative pressure, it stretches the phallus in length and width. For pumping to be successful, it is important to correctly size the flask for yourself. The cost of air pumps - from $ 13, hydraulic pumps - from $ 94;
  • stretcher- the waist system is fixed on the head and hips with a belt. It is the belt that helps to set the tensile force. The main work goes to length. There are mechanical and vacuum ones. The price of the latter is from $ 92. Mechanics are almost never released.
Penis enlargement attachment

Penis attachments

The attachments work quickly and reliably, the main thing is to choose the right size. The measure, although temporary, is useful for enhancing the usual nice sensations.

The most expensive are large realistic toys, their cost starts from $ 21-24.Simple models cost $ 4-7. . . Samples with vibration - from $ 13.

How to enlarge your penis for free and at home

Here you will learn how to adjust the size at no extra cost.

Exercises to increase

Penis enlargement exercise technique

All exercises are done with hands. Vascular and pulling techniques work for the cause of growth. In the first case, the increase is in girth, length, in the second - mainly in length. The vascular group includes clepping, jelq, sitting. Pulling - manual stretching with hands.


Massage is a free method of penis enlargement

The massage triggers increased blood circulation, increases the elasticity of tissues, their ability to load and stretch. There are techniques for beginners and veterans of NUP.

Suspension of loads

Hanging homemade cargo for the sake of increasing the length of the penis

Hanging is an ancient pulling technique that provides length gain. The load sets the tensile force on the ligaments. Fixation is mechanical and vacuum. The hanger can be made by hand.


Bee stings - an extreme way to enlarge the phallus

Apitherapy promotes tissue regeneration, proliferation through cell multiplication. Plus, bee venom contains a cunning enzyme called hyaluronidase. This thing destroys the intermediate substances of the tunic, making it pliable to stretch. Serious safety precautions must be followed with bees. Anaphylactic shock is possible.


Self-hypnosis gives self-confidence and helps to increase male dignity

Self-training and self-hypnosis do not directly affect the growth of the phallus. Working with your own mind brings other benefits. It prepares the body for productive training so that all exercises are correctly technical, gives a positive attitude and self-confidence.


We recommend going through surgery only if you have serious problems.such as small penis, micropenis. It is better for men with normal sizes to leave the radical path - exercises, simulators paired with creams, gels are quite effective here.