Real increase in the thickness of the penis in various ways

Some men are not happy with the parameters of their penis and want to make their penis thicker. The desire is quite natural, since an insufficiently thick and short penis cannot fully satisfy a woman. Meanwhile, not everyone knows how to do this, how to noticeably increase the thickness of the penis.

Having expressed such a desire, many representatives of the strong half do not know how to enlarge the penis, although there are many different ways for this.

Penis enlargement

At the very beginning, it is necessary to make a reservation that increasing the size of the penis in thickness is much more difficult to do than making it longer.

It is possible to solve the question of how to really increase the thickness of the penis by surgical and non-surgical methods.

Surgical methods

operative increase in the thickness of the penis

This method is fraught with considerable risk, but it is the most effective in nature. With the help of them, you can make the penis thicker and achieve a lasting effect.

It is, of course, possible to solve the problem related to the question of how to increase the thickness of the penis in an operative way, but such a solution is fraught with a number of disadvantages:

  • The duration of the recovery period.
  • Side effects are very likely to occur.
  • Before the operation, it is necessary to pass a large number of tests.
  • The operation is complex in terms of technique.

Increasing the thickness of the penis can be performed using the following surgical techniques:

specialist advice for thickening the penis
  1. Lipofilling.A thick genital organ is obtained by transplanting its own adipose tissue. The place of sampling of material is problem areas. After that, it is injected into the phallus. This method has a low rejection rate, since it uses its own resource. The thickening procedure is also associated with a number of disadvantages. Subcutaneous fat has the ability to spontaneously resorb. Over time, bumps of fat can be expected under the skin of the phallus. After surgery, the organ is in a state of edema for a long time, therefore, it will be necessary to refrain from sexual intercourse.
  2. Muscle transplant.The duration of the recovery period is up to 8 months. A scar remains at the site where the graft is taken. But the effect lasts for life and this is its indisputable advantage. It takes a very long time to prepare for the operation. This takes an average of a year. The place of material intake is the press. It is wrapped around cavernous bodies.
  3. "Perovik".In the ranking of complexity, such an operation is in the first place. All tissues of the genital organ are divided, and cartilage is implanted between them. This technique leads not only to an increase in volume, but also allows for shape correction.

The disadvantages of this technique are the following points:

rehabilitation after penile thickening surgery
  • sensitivity disappears;
  • erection disappears;
  • development of the inflammatory process is possible;
  • a situation associated with tissue rejection is not excluded;
  • the development of gangrene;
  • tissues may not grow together correctly;
  • scars may form.

The duration of the recovery period can be up to one year.

Important!During the recovery period, strict adherence to all medical prescriptions is required. Otherwise, side effects may occur.

Sometimes they resort to implanting balls under the skin of the penis. They are made from hypoallergenic materials. But this procedure is not as harmless as it might seem at first glance. Therefore, it is necessary to consult with a specialist about the feasibility and possibility of its implementation before carrying out it.

Non-traumatic methods

You can get a certain positive effect without resorting to surgery. It is possible to increase the diameter of the penis by non-surgical methods without any particular harm to health. Penile thickening techniques can be carried out quite right at home.

The following options apply:

extender for increasing the thickness of the penis
  • Performing massage and various exercises.By carrying out massage manipulations, the erection is strengthened, and the corpus cavernosum expand. Various exercises can give the same effect. All this will certainly lead to the fact that the diameter of the organ will increase over time. However, massage and exercise also have certain disadvantages. They consist in the possibility of causing injury to the organ. But despite this, exercise can achieve sustainable results in increasing the volume of the phallus.
  • Extender.It is a device with which it is possible to achieve an increase in the thickness and length of the penis without resorting to surgery. The effect is achieved due to the constant stretching of tissues, which stimulates their growth. As a result, the volume of the organ also changes. But you shouldn't expect a quick effect. Wearing it should be long-term, but the result will certainly be.
  • The use of a vacuum pump.It is also one of the means to increase the volume of manhood. Its principle of action is associated with alternating pressure. The receptacle for the penis is a bulb in which negative pressure is created by pumping air into it. As a result, the blood rushes to the penis. This leads to improved blood flow in the pelvic organs. Thus, the phenomena associated with blood stagnation are eliminated.

Indications for the use of a vacuum pump

It is recommended to use it in the following cases:

vacuum pumps for increasing the thickness of the penis
  • insufficient brightness of sensations during sexual pleasures;
  • lack of erection;
  • congestion in the genital and pelvic region.

If you use it regularly, you can get good results. A greater effect can be achieved if ointments and gels are applied in parallel.

Use of ointments and creams. Their action is based on the effect of local irritation. In the place where they are applied, blood flow is increased. The effect can appear immediately after application. Good results are achieved with their application. The erection becomes stronger, and the sensations during sex increase.

The use of drugs. Penis enlargement pills have been used with some success. Various drugs are used for such purposes. They all have a similar mechanism of action, which consists in the expansion of the vessels of the penis. Active vasodilatation leads to an increase in capillary inflow. This leads to an increase in the size of the penis. Such drugs are widely advertised, but not all advertisements should be believed. Such funds may contain hormonal components in their composition or do without their participation. The composition of the non-hormonal group includes various herbal components.

If a firm decision is made, every man has the right to choose the method that appeals to him the most. But before doing this, you need to think carefully about the advisability of such actions. Indeed, sometimes self-esteem can be clearly underestimated.