Truth and myths about penis enlargement: all means are good in war

On the web, you can often find "revolutionary" and "innovative" methods that can enlarge a man's penis. We decided to figure out what is true here and where is a terrible lie. Read our material soon!

measurement of size by centimeter

Myth # 1. The bigger the penis, the more pleasure.

The female vagina is designed in such a way that the nerve endings are concentrated mainly in the first third of the entrance, since nature nevertheless prepared women for childbirth, and if the vagina had sensitivity throughout, childbirth would turn into an unbearable agony. And this means that in order to please your lady, you must have a fairly modest dignity. A member with a length of more than 20 cm delivers more problems than pleasure, here you and the constant traumatic effect of the uterus, and of the joys of anal sex, of course, will have to give up. As for the opposite situation, only a member less than 8 cm in an erect state is considered a deviation from the norm.

Myth # 2. A member can be "stretched"

If primitive tribes still pull back their ears and lips, then, of course, no one bothers to do something similar on our penis. From a physiological point of view, this is absolute nonsense, so you should not be like uneducated savages and turn a functioning organ into inactive spaghetti. The only way to "pull" can help if it is performed in an erect state for 20 minutes every day for several months, due to which the cavernous bodies of the penis will be more intensely filled with blood, and the length may increase by 1-1. 5 cm. But thisthe same effect can be achieved if you have a normal frequent sex life - and this method is preferable to delaying something. You should not listen to Taoist techniques that say that it is necessary to keep an erection with the help of tugs and other improvised methods for several hours - this negatively affects the blood flow and can be a source of stagnation, which ultimately will turn into a trip to the doctor. The effectiveness of all kinds of meditative methods also makes you wish for the best, and if the length increases, then only in your fantasies.

At the moment, there is the only really effective way to lengthen the penis, but it involves surgical intervention and is quite long in execution - "mobilization". As you can imagine, the organ that everyone prefers to measure does not exist by itself, but is attached to the male body with the help of a special triangular ligament to the pubic bone. Due to the intersection of this ligament, the penis is first made mobile, and subsequently pulled out with the help of a special apparatus, somewhat similar to the Elizarov apparatus. To achieve maximum results, you must wear this device for 10-12 hours every day for six months. In 80% of cases, an elongation of 3 cm is achieved. Particularly stubborn characters can achieve 5 cm. The diameter remains the same, and the increase occurs due to the volume inside the body.

Myth # 3. The penis can be made thicker with the help of special exercises.

As for the methods of increasing the diameter, several methods have been invented here, but their effectiveness is different. The first method is to transplant adipose tissue from places where there is an excess of it, to a place where there is a lack of it, that is, to the penis. The effectiveness is extremely low, because if fat cells stop receiving additional nutrition, then they dissolve very quickly, and you will not be able to enjoy the long-awaited volume for more than a week. The second way is to pump silicone instead of fat. At first, the changes will delight the happy owner, but over time, under the influence of gravity, the gel will drain to the base and become a source of problems. Since it will be problematic to bare the head, this will cause the formation of phimosis or balanoposthitis. The third way is to use a harder polymer instead of silicone. Now nothing will drain, but there is a real opportunity to break the penis, or rather the polymer insert, during use and damage the living tissues of the body. The fourth way is to insert your own skin, for example, from the shoulders or back. If the skin is implanted without muscles and blood vessels, then over time it becomes thinner, since it cannot receive nutrition, if the transplant is carried out together with a piece of muscle and the circulatory system, then it is possible that it will take root and receive nutrition, but there is also a risk ofthat the skin may not take root. As for the introduction of foreign objects, petroleum jelly, balls and other "decorations", it always ends the same - on the surgeon's table.

What is really

The only option other than surgery is an extender. Its action is based on the principle of stretching, which is actively used for tissue expansion in plastic surgery. The effect lasts forever. Using an extender is a topic for a separate article. Let's make a reservation only that the results can be achieved in 3-6 months, not earlier.

As for the short-term safe enlargement of the penis, it is achieved by saturating the cavernous bodies with blood - they become larger, and the penis itself is larger and more sensitive.

For these purposes, there are pumps and special creams.

The pump ensures maximum blood filling of the corpus cavernosum of the penis and affects, first of all, the quality of erection. There are different types of pumps and ways of pumping air: a "pear", a piston, a button (for hydraulic pumps, they are considered the most reliable) or automatic pumping. The pump is also ideal in situations where, for example, a man has shot too quickly - and you need to quickly return the penis to the alert state again.

With the help of special gels and creams with a cumulative effect, you can make a man's erection a little more confident, and a penis thicker (but again for a while). These preparations sometimes include Butea Superba, a plant-derived substance that releases testosterone, which, among other things, also dilates the arteries of the testicles themselves, which is what is needed for an excellent erection.