Penile Enlargement Massage - Effectiveness, Benefits & Better Exercises

Many men are not happy with the size of their genitals, they are tormented by complexes and various fears. Such a person can always be identified by some manifestations: shyness, apathy and unwillingness to enter into any contact with women. Although recent research shows that overly talkative and boastful men can also have small penis sizes - in this way they try to boost their self-esteem. For these reasons, representatives of the stronger sex begin to look for methods of changing the configuration of their organ. One of these is massage for penis enlargement. You can see a large number of positive reviews on various forums and resources, but is massage really that effective?

upset man about penis size

How effective is penis massage?

Penis enlargement is a pressing issue today, therefore the modern market offers a large number of drugs, devices, techniques and procedures to achieve this goal. Those who have the financial ability turn to surgeons for help, due to which the size of the penis is changed using the surgical method. However, this procedure has a number of obvious disadvantages. The most important of them are the high cost, long-term rehabilitation and the existing risk of complications. Therefore, it is better to give preference to another method. Although it will not allow you to increase the organ in a short time, it will be safer.

Studies have shown that a small penis in the understanding of most people has a length of less than 12 centimeters, while the average length is 12-18 centimeters in our latitudes. This size is optimal and is great for female genital organs, thanks to which the fairer sex gets pleasure and orgasm without discomfort and pain. If the penis is larger than 18 centimeters, then it is considered large.

Arabs are very scrupulous about their genitals. Fathers from an early age take care of their sons, teaching them a special massage, with which you can enlarge the penis. The child is enrolled in a special medical institution, where, in addition to general health procedures, a groin massage is performed, if the family can afford such procedures financially. This contributes to the normalization of blood circulation and the correct development of the penis, due to which it increases in size. This confirms the effectiveness of massage, as well as the fact that it is better to engage in penis enlargement at a young age, when the rate of cell regeneration is maximum. In addition, a young man has a more elastic phallus, so the likelihood of injury is much less.

It is important to note that you do not need to rely on a lightning-fast result, since this process takes a lot of time, although you need to devote no more than 30 minutes to your body every day. The effectiveness of the procedure is increased due to the combination with other side methods, as well as the use of special drugs.

The main benefits of massage include the following facts:

  • massage for penis enlargement can be done at home on your own;
  • it is enough to make a minimum financial investment to buy an intimate lubricant, although with some exercises you can do without it;
  • with such manipulations with your organ, not only its size and shape are corrected, but this also has a positive effect on the entire reproductive system;
  • if you adhere to all the rules and recommendations, then the likelihood of side effects and complications will be reduced to zero.

Most men are skeptical that penile massage can lead to enlargement. This opinion is erroneous, since such procedures exist in almost every culture in the world.

To accurately answer the question about the effectiveness of the method, you need to understand the structure of the male genital organ. The penis is a muscular organ that consists of several structural elements. When excited, a nerve signal is sent from the brain, which activates the synthesis of sex hormones and increases blood circulation in the groin area.

structure of the penis

Due to this, the cavities of the organ (cavernous bodies) are filled with blood. The larger the size of these bodies, the greater their volume and, accordingly, the amount of the contained blood depends on it. If the organ is filled with blood in abundance, it will become thick and long. The corpora cavernosa can be enlarged with special training. Any man can implement them at home, while you need to be guided by certain rules, do not forget about safety measures and contraindications.

One of the main conditions for obtaining a positive result is regularity. The procedures need to be carried out systematically, preferably daily, in addition, this requires a minimum of time and effort. Training involves changing the intensity and duration of the sessions. There are various massage techniques, they differ in their complexity, but you need to start with the simplest one in order to prepare the penis for future loads.

Various creams and gels perfectly complement the procedure, they lead to increased tissue stretching. These funds are sold in special stores and pharmacies. To avoid complications and side effects, you should consult a qualified professional. Extenders performed well. The device is a device that is designed to stretch the phallus. You can use the product during breaks between massage.

Before using this or that tool or device, you should carefully read its instructions, especially with the rules of use, which will protect against possible pathologies.

Preparatory activities

Every man wants to know how to enlarge his penis with the help of massage, because this technique has a large number of advantages. If you follow all the rules and recommendations from doctors, then in a couple of months the size of the penis will add a few centimeters in length. Regular exercise allows you to increase not only the length, but also the girth of the penis, this will positively affect the sensations during intercourse. Men note that after such manipulations, the sensitivity of the penis decreases, due to which control over ejaculation appears and the duration of intercourse is significantly increased.

One of the most important aspects of this is preparatory activities. First of all, a man should have a positive attitude - nervous tension or psycho-emotional fatigue will make massage ineffective and even painful. It is best to take a bath before the procedure or make a hot compress to properly warm up the groin area. This will allow the muscles to relax, which will contribute to their elasticity, which will greatly increase the effectiveness of the exercise.

We need to prepare a place for classes. It is important that no one bothers the man at this moment. Some exercises involve a lying position, so you need to prepare such a place, you do not need to make it too soft, but it is important that it is comfortable. If desired, you can turn on relaxing, light music.

You need to pay attention to your hands - they need to be washed, dried, treated with a special antibacterial agent, while the legs must be trimmed so as not to mechanically injure the organ.

Now you can proceed directly to the preparation of the penis itself. To do this, you need to bring him into an erect state - the head is tightly wrapped around the hand and compressed, but pain should not arise. After that, the organ is gently stretched on different sides until discomfort appears. Over time, the pain threshold will increase; in the future, such stretching will not cause unpleasant sensations. These were the very preparatory measures, after which you can proceed to the exercises.

The gymnastics ends by squeezing the head and squeezing the trunk, about 10 times will be enough. Massaging the penis is the safest method of enlarging it. When performing exercises, a man completely controls the process, if a sharp pain appears, then the manipulations can be stopped immediately. When using special devices, for example, a pump or an extension nozzle, it is not possible to do this. The first results can be seen only after 30 days, but dramatic changes will occur in six months. There are a large number of different techniques for implementing exercises, each of which has a small likelihood of injury and does not lead to circulatory problems, which cannot be said about other techniques.

Side effects

You need to do the exercises at least 3-4 times a week, but it is advisable to do this daily. Massage does not pose a threat to men's health, including reproductive function. If you prepare correctly before starting the exercises, and do the massage directly, subject to all the recommendations, then the likelihood of complications is minimal. However, there are a number of side effects that men sometimes notice, these include:

  • discoloration of the skin of the penis, which affects individual areas or the entire surface of the organ. Often this phenomenon occurs several months after the manipulations performed. The color change is explained as a result of the close location of the vessels;
  • the appearance of veins on the surface of the trunk - massage exercises lead to increased blood circulation inside the organ, which contributes to an increase in the size of the vessels, which is why they stand out on the surface. This process cannot be called a complication, since the veins create additional ribbing, which your partner will appreciate;
  • the presence of spots localized on the head. They are red in color and visually resemble injection marks. In rare cases, these spots darken and their area increases. This suggests that the intensity of the exercises is too high, you need to reduce this indicator or completely abandon manipulations for a while so that the genital organ is fully restored.
pain in the penis after massage

These manifestations can hardly be called pathological, since they do not harm the body and do not need treatment. If the surface of the spots is characterized by increased dryness, then it is enough to simply lubricate the penis with moisturizers. They should not contain dyes and other components that can cause an allergic reaction or lead to an inflammatory process on the sensitive surface of the penis.

Thai massage

Today, Thai massage of the penis is very popular. It is not necessary to carry it out on your own, since when performing it, the man must be completely relaxed. You can ask your soulmate to do these exercises, and it can be a great occasion for role-playing, which will help diversify your sex life. If financial possibilities permit, then you can visit a special salon, where this procedure is carried out by qualified specialists.

The technique of this procedure is aimed not only at increasing the penis, but also at the number of orgasms experienced, as well as improving the quality of erection. Before starting the manipulations, you need to thoroughly warm up the man's body; for this, the legs, chest, shoulders and neck are massaged. After that, they move on to the buttocks, they need to be squeezed strongly, but slowly, for arousal, you should run your finger along the anus (without penetrating into it). The fact is that this area contains a large accumulation of nerve endings.

Then they move on to the testicles, the sex glands are very sensitive to touch, so they should be light and relaxed. Otherwise, the man will experience pain and no further manipulations will be in vain. After that, the man should take the position of the dogi style, and the woman should stroke his penis, starting from the head. It is best to visually consider massage for penis enlargement, the video has useful information and very important aspects that you must pay attention to when carrying out these exercises:

Self-massage for penis growth

Penis enlargement massage can be done on your own, it is an excellent solution for men who are shy or do not have a permanent sex partner. Self-massage is one of the simplest and cheapest methods of increasing "manhood", because for its implementation it is enough only to perform a certain sequence of actions. The procedure takes only a few minutes, so it is recommended to do it regularly. This exercise is even prescribed in a medical institution if the patient has been diagnosed with insufficient blood supply to the penis.

Before starting the exercises, you need to dip the edge of the towel in warm water, and wrap the penis with it for a few minutes. Thanks to such a simple manipulation, blood will actively enter the genitals. Then he gently wipes off with a dry towel and you can proceed to the exercise itself, for this you should follow the following simple algorithm of actions:

  1. The penis in a relaxed state is firmly squeezed by the right hand and pulled "away from itself" to the side. It is necessary to perform these actions for several minutes, gradually increasing the stretching force. After that, for 2-3 minutes, the member should rest so as not to tear important ligaments.
  2. The penis must be clenched in a fist and made in circular movements at least 20 times.
  3. Further, the penis is clenched in a fist again, but now the movements have a certain trajectory: right-left-up-down, and then in reverse order.
  4. Before the next exercise, you need to take a break for a couple of minutes again. Then the penis needs to be crumpled over its entire area, which will promote better blood circulation and stretching of the structural elements, which will further increase its size.
how to massage the penis

Now you know how to do a penis massage in a minimal amount of time. There are other techniques for carrying out these manipulations, each of which has its own nuances and characteristics. In some cases, it is advisable to combine these procedures, which will increase the effectiveness of these manipulations.

Taoist technique

This technique allows you to increase the penis with minimal manipulations, for this it is enough to perform the following actions:

  1. It is necessary to take a deep breath of air through the nose, hold it in the throat and swallow, trying to send it to the stomach. When air enters the lower abdomen, try to direct it to the groin area.
  2. With three fingers of the left hand (index, middle and ring), you need to press the point between the scrotum and the anus, in Eastern practice it is called Hu-Yun. This will help strengthen your erection.
  3. You need to keep your fingers at this point and breathe deeply.
  4. The right hand at this time stretches the penis back and forth, while the movements should be rhythmic and light, the number of repetitions is 36 times. The thumb should be stroking the head until the penis begins to erect.
  5. With your right hand, you need to grab the phallus at the base. Holding the grip, move your hand 3-4 centimeters forward. Thus, the energy of the air will begin to accumulate. Try to push it closer to the head.
  6. Then you need to pull the member to the right and rotate it clockwise 36 times, after that the same amount only in the other direction. Then tilt to the right and repeat these manipulations again. Thanks to such actions, the energy from the main organs will be directed to the "male household", which will strengthen and increase its capabilities.
  7. The exercise ends with light tapping of the penis in an erect state on the inner thigh 36 times, first right, then left.

This technique has existed for several centuries, it is quite problematic to implement it, since it combines a complex breathing technique and physical exercises. Difficulties may arise at first, but with experience the first results will appear. Men are skeptical about this method, trying to find another way to enlarge the penis with massage, but it deserves attention, since its effectiveness has been proven by hundreds of positive reviews from satisfied representatives of the stronger sex.

Kegel technique

When looking for a penis enlargement technique, many become familiar with the Kegel technique. It is a special kind of manipulation that is very easy to implement, but has a really large number of positive qualities. These include:

  • increasing the strength of erection;
  • getting a repeated orgasm;
  • control over ejaculation;
  • an increase in the duration of intercourse;
  • maintaining the health of the prostate gland;
  • reducing the time for the body to recover after ejaculation.

The essence of this technique is to affect a special muscle of the PC (pubococcygeal muscle). It belongs to a group of pelvic muscle tissues that regulate the functioning of the male reproductive system. This muscle acts as a connecting link between the coccyx and the pubic bone. You can find it between the anus and the scrotum. Together with other similar muscles, it regulates urination and is responsible for orgasm. In the male body, this muscle contracts during ejaculation. If you engage in its study and development, then you can significantly improve the quality of your sex life.

The technique got its name in honor of its creator - Arnold Kegel. It consists of simple manipulations with the pelvic muscles, through which you can learn to give yourself and your partner real pleasure during sex. It should be noted that women also reach orgasm with the help of this muscle, therefore there are a large number of techniques for the fairer sex, which allow them to discover new possibilities of their body.

The first step is to find your PC muscle. In men, this is much easier to do - for this you need to stop at the time of urination, when about half remains in the bladder. This will not only help determine the location of the muscle, but will also be the first step in using the technique. You should resume and stop urinating at least 5 times with each trip to the toilet. The ability to stop urination can help you gain control over ejaculation.

special technique for penis enlargement

You can carry out Kegel gymnastics at a convenient time. After it was possible to determine the localization of the muscle, there should be no problems with exercise. They can be performed anywhere, for example, in the car, at the desk, at home watching TV, etc. The advantage of the method is that it does not appear outwardly at all, with the exception of a slight movement in the pants, which is almost imperceptible. One of the main conditions for achieving a positive result is regularity. You need to start with 20 repetitions a day, gradually increase this figure to 100. Over time, you need to increase this skill, when you reach 250 times a day, amazing changes begin to occur in the body. But the main goal is 1000 squeezes all day long.

To achieve this result, you should pay attention to the following algorithm of actions:

  1. You need to start with an intense PC massage, try to unclench and contract the muscle as much as possible.
  2. Sometimes hold the muscle as long as possible in a contracted state.
  3. The exercise should be performed with a gradual increase in load.
  4. Vibration PC. With prolonged manipulation, you can feel some vibration from the muscle, thanks to which the energy will spread throughout the body.
  5. It is important to adjust your breathing - it should be moderate and deep, this method is wonderful for recovering the body after a hard day of work or physical activity.

Experts note that exercise with MS muscle stimulation reduces the likelihood of incontinence and many other diseases of the genitourinary system to zero. Plus, you will get great results in the form of an enlarged penis and an improved quality of sex life. The Kegel technique is noted as one of the most effective and accessible, because it is carried out at any time, and for its implementation, financial injections are not needed.

Penis enlargement with massage is an excellent method that is easy to implement, safe and cheap. Exercises with the external genitals have been proven to improve overall health, especially reproductive functions, erection, and they also contribute to an increase in penis size. Of course, you don't need to count on a lightning-fast result, but after a few months the penis will grow by several sentiments, and not only in length, but also in girth. Before manipulations, you should visit a medical institution to make sure that there are no individual pathologies in which exercise may be contraindicated.