How to enlarge your penis at rest - proven methods

A man measures the length of his penis with a tape measure

Almost every man is concerned about the size of his penis. This is because many are unhappy with the parameters of the intimate organ. Some worry that he is too small to be erect. Others are worried about the problem of a slightly different plan. They are not satisfied with the length and width of manhood in a calm state.

Fortunately, in both cases, you can correct the situation using modern penis enlargement techniques. A man can only choose the method that is most preferable and safe for him.

Features of the size of the penis at rest

Before looking for an answer to questions about an increase in an intimate organ in a calm state, it is necessary to understand the peculiarities of its parameters. Men who are unhappy with their penis need to know the following:

Small dick statue of david
  • The member in a calm state is much smaller than in an excited state. Every person knows about this.
  • The difference between an erect and a calm organ can be very different. For example, if usually it does not exceed 10 cm, then during arousal it can increase to 14-15 cm.
  • It is believed that the average man's intimate organ in a calm state is equal to 2/3 of the indicator that is obtained when measuring an excited member.
  • According to scientific data, for most modern men, an unexcited penis is no more than 12 cm. Although such measurements are not significant, since it is not entirely correct to do them in the absence of an erection.

There are many representatives of the strong half of humanity in the world, whose penis seems very small in a calm state. But at the moment of excitement, it increases several times. But it is also not uncommon for a sufficiently large intimate organ at rest at the time of erection to add only 3-4 cm.

There are no specific parameters that a male member should be characterized by. This is a purely individual indicator. It is influenced by a person's race, height and the presence of diseases or abnormalities that can affect the size of different parts of the body.

Ways to enlarge the penis in a non-erect state

Consultation with a specialist on penis enlargement

At the moment, a huge number of techniques have been presented that help to make the penis larger by a few centimeters. Some of them give instant results that are observed for a short time. Others can achieve the desired effect after months of therapy.

The man himself has the right to decide which method of enlarging his intimate organ to choose. However, a consultation with a specialist will not be superfluous.

He will get acquainted with the patient's complaints and offer him the safest, but at the same time effective method of solving an unpleasant problem.

Ointments, gels and creams

The most popular among young guys and adult men is the method of enlarging the intimate organ with the help of external products. This category of goods includes creams, ointments and all kinds of gels.

Many of them can be purchased at pharmacies or specialized stores. There are many different products that differ from each other in composition and price. Therefore, every man can choose a suitable product for himself.

All commercially available means for increasing the size of the penis in a non-erect form are divided into several groups:

The guy increased the penis with cream before intimacy
  1. With short action. . . The effect after applying this cream will be observed for several hours. Therefore, it is recommended to use them immediately before intimacy. They are most beneficial if there is an urgent need to make the penis bigger and the excitement stronger.
  2. Long lasting. . . The effect after use will be noticeable only with regular use. These funds do not give instant results. But they provide positive changes in the parameters of the intimate organ for a long period.
  3. Acting as an aid. . . Typically, these products are used within a few weeks. They need to be combined with penis enlargement devices in order to achieve the expected result. If you apply such a cream yourself, then no changes will occur.

Before using a cream or gel, you must carefully read the instructions that come with each product.It is very important to study the information about the presence of contraindications and side effects. If, after the first application, a man experiences uncomfortable sensations, he should refuse such therapy.

If a man is determined to enlarge his intimate organ, which is very small in a calm state, he should try using popular creams.

The cream does a good job of enlarging the penis, which has a positive effect on the corpus cavernosum and soft tissues. Thanks to this, the intimate organ becomes larger even in an unexcited state. The product consists of natural ingredients that have a beneficial effect on the sexual performance of men.

A gel based on natural ingredients has a similar effect, so it is completely safe for the human body. The tool can be used as a course for a long-term result or applied immediately before intimacy to achieve instant penis enlargement.

Vacuum pump

Vacuum pump for penis enlargement

Many men have been able to enlarge the penis using a vacuum pump. This device is often used by people who have erection problems. It is a small plastic cylinder with a pump. To achieve penis enlargement using this device, you must do the following:

  • First, it is recommended to apply some product to the penis, for example, an auxiliary cream.
  • After it is placed in a cylinder and air is pumped using a pump. The pressure gauge will allow you to control the pressure.
  • Due to pressure, the cavernous bodies expand, due to which they are filled with a large amount of blood. This causes an increase in the volume and other parameters of the penis.

Unfortunately, the adaptation has only a temporary effect. Therefore, it makes little sense to use it to enlarge the intimate organ in a calm state. It is more suitable for those cases when a change in the size of manhood is required right before sex.


The extender helps to make the penis more in a calm state, since this device is designed to stretch the tissues of the penis.Extender for enlargement of the male genital organThe essence of its action lies in the resistance of tissues to a certain weight, which can fluctuate within 400-1100 g. Due to the compensatory reaction, a change in the main parameters of the penis is observed.

The extender must be used for an extended period. Thanks to this, it helps to stretch the penis and make it much longer in a non-erect state for a long time.

If you do not adhere to the rules for using the extender, you can seriously harm yourself.Such violations lead to injuries to the foreskin and other parts of the genital organ.

Surgical intervention

Surgical operation helps to guarantee an increase in the intimate organ in a calm state. However, not every man agrees to such a procedure.

Patient at the doctor's appointment before penis enlargement surgery

There are several types of operations that help to make the penis larger and thicker, both in a relaxed and aroused state. The choice of a particular technique is made after familiarization with the existing problems that relate to the size and thickness of manhood.

Surgery is popular with men who want a quick result. But you need to understand that such drastic measures can lead to serious health problems. To avoid them, you should first check for contraindications to the procedure, and also trust only a highly qualified specialist who will not make a gross mistake in the process.

Home workouts

If a man is afraid of operations or is unable to pay for them, then home workouts will help him to make his penis in a non-erect state longer and longer. Their essence lies in the regular implementation of a number of exercises in which the penis is involved.

Twisting the intimate organ helps to achieve the desired result. Most men claim that this method actually works. However, you need to be prepared for the appearance of unpleasant sensations in the process of performing this action.

You can not start training without preparatory warming up of the penis. To do this, it is enough to wrap it with a towel for a few minutes,A man performs exercises for penis enlargementsoaked in hot water.

The workout will consist of the following actions:

  1. You need to take the washed and towel-dried penis by the base with one hand. The second one should grab his head.
  2. Now twisting movements are performed in any convenient direction. Do this until soreness or discomfort appears.
  3. The movement is repeated, only in the other direction.

This workout should consist of 3-4 movements in each direction. The force of pressure should be gradually increased. If all the manipulations are carried out correctly, then the tissues of the penis will begin to stretch from the inside, which will lead to its enlargement even in a calm state.

If desired, you can combine different methods of penis enlargement to achieve maximum results.