How is penis enlargement surgery performed and what types of surgical interventions are there?

Penile enlargement surgery

Before deciding on such an unusual plastic surgery as penile enlargement, you need to have a clear idea of when it can and should be performed, as well as whether it is worth doing it at all.

Further, in detail about the most common surgical operations, as well as their possible consequences and how the organ is enlarged using the operating method.

Phalloplasty: what is it, reasons for the appointment and contraindications

Penile plastic surgery involves either restoring the functions of the penis (both its urinary and sexual function), or changing its external characteristics.

The indications for phalloplasty are the reasons that led to the failure or lack of functionality of the penis.

But, in addition to the main reasons, there are several more in medicine:

  • abnormal changes in the penis;
  • damage caused by various injuries (mechanical, thermal, chemical);
  • underdevelopment of an organ or its small length / thickness;
  • deformation of the genital organ;
  • neoplasms (malignant);
  • gangrene;
  • removal of an organ for any other reason;
  • erectile dysfunction, etc.
Normal penis length is 12-15 cm

Most often, men turn to specialists performing penis enlargement surgeries due to dissatisfaction with the appearance of the penis, and especially with its size. There is a certain indicator of the norm, according to which the normal length of the penis fluctuates between 12-15 cm. But it is important to measure it correctly.

The penis is measured in three dimensions:

  1. at rest;
  2. when stretched;
  3. with an erection.

Measurement is carried out in a room at room temperature immediately after undressing to avoid tissue contraction due to cooling.You can stretch the penis as much as possible by gently grasping and pulling it by the head.

An organ is measured along its back (from the pubis to the edge of the head). In this case, it is advisable to hold the penis so that there is a right angle between it and the abdominal wall. If the length of the penis is less than 9. 5 cm, then we can say that the man has a small penis.

But, unfortunately, not all representatives of the stronger sex who have expressed such a desire can resort to this operation.There are a number of specific contraindications to phalloplasty.These include:

  • irreversible organ pathologies;
  • inflammatory processes in the genitourinary system;
  • mental disorders;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • sexually transmitted diseases or genital infections;
  • diabetes;
  • leukemia, etc.

To find out more about the operation, and at the same time to consult with a doctor about the possibility of its implementation,it is necessary to visit initially a sexologist, and then a urologist-andrologist.Having received a sufficient amount of information and having passed the examination, you can go directly to a surgeon with experience in performing operations on the male genital organ.

The main types of penis enlargement surgeries

There are various options for surgical intervention in order to change the size of the penis. Among them, several procedures can be distinguished, leading in most cases to the desired effect. Read more about them in more detail.


Ligamentotomy is a fairly simple aesthetic operation, the purpose of which is to increase the length of the penis.

Reference.It should be noted that ligamentotomy is carried out in most cases in the absence of indications, but only at the request of the man. Moreover, the length of his genital organ may even be within the normal range.

On the eve of the operation, the specialist carries out a thorough examination and assigns a number of studies. Most often, we are talking about analyzes, which include: identification of group affiliation, CBC + clotting time, HIV analysis, hepatitis B and C, and ECG.

If all tests are normal, the doctor will give detailed instructions on how to prepare for the operation. So, in the evening on the eve of the operation, it is necessary to carefully shave the pubis and wash. Food and water should not be consumed on the day of surgery.

Dissection of the ligament supporting the penis

The operation itself takes no more than half an hour and is usually carried out under general anesthesia.

  1. The surgeon makes a small incision in the scrotum, exposes the connective fibers of the ligament that supports the penis, and dissects them.
  2. The hidden part of the penis is pulled outward, then the incision is sutured.

Keep in mind that penile enlargement will not magically occur as a result of the operation. A positive result can be achieved only with the correct and long-term wearing of a special support device.

In the postoperative period during a hospital stay, the patient must comply with bed rest and be periodically examined by a doctor.After discharge, several rules should be strictly followed:

  • exclude physical activity for a while;
  • refrain from sexual intercourse for 3-4 weeks after the operation;
  • take prescribed drugs in a timely manner for a complete and quick recovery;
  • do not forget about personal hygiene;
  • exclude wearing tight underwear;
  • use the extender to wear for 3 months.

Full recovery after surgery occurs approximately in six months.If you follow all the rules and recommendations, you can achieve the desired result.

A few words about the prices for the operation. The cost of penis enlargement surgery, first of all, depends not only on the clinic, but also on the equipment used during the operation, the professionalism of the surgeon, as well as the conditions of the hospital in which the patient spends time in the postoperative period.


Lipofilling is an operation designed not to lengthen the penis, but to make it thicker.The desired effect is achieved by the introduction of a subcutaneous injection.In the case of lipofilling, the patient's adipose tissue is used, removed from the area where its amount is excessive, for example, from the abdomen, lower back, thighs, etc.

  1. Removal of adipose tissue is completely painless and fast enough. Then it is injected subcutaneously into the desired place, while forming a new size of the penis. After this operation, the risk of manifestation of such a terrible complication as tissue rejection is unlikely, because the patient's own material is used.

    Attention.It should be borne in mind that in the postoperative period there will be a gradual change in the size of the organ downward, which will eventually stop.

    The fact is that the fat after injection shrinks in the range of 30-45%, which is considered normal.

  2. The duration of the operation is 1-2 hours. It is usually performed under local anesthesia. After its end, small bruises, swelling will remain on the body, but there will be no scars,Examination by a specialist before lipofillingsince the procedure is done gradually, the fat is injected in small doses.
  3. On the eve of the operation, an examination is carried out by a specialist and a number of tests are prescribed, which is almost identical to the list described in the previous operation; in addition, urine can be taken for analysis.
  4. It is recommended to eat exclusively correctly a couple of weeks before the operation (it is advisable to go on a low-calorie diet), to refrain from drinking alcohol, nicotine, and a few days before the procedure to minimize physical activity.

Microsurgical Muscle Transplant

Microsurgical Muscle Transplant

The essence of the operation is to wrap the penis with a fragment isolated from the broadest dorsal musclefollowed by the imposition of microscopic vessels at the site of surgery to maintain active and healthy blood circulation.

The operation is quite complex and is most often indicated for use in cases where the genital organ has been damaged or it cannot even be classified as a small genital organ, that is, its length is less than 2. 5 cm. The overwhelming number of cases of referral to a specialist in this field is carried outtranssexual or hermaphroditic persons.

To carry out this operation, a number of preparatory procedures are carried out.and many analyzes are taken. The main condition for performing an operation to transplant tissue into the genital organ is the absence of contraindications for the implementation of auto-transplantation (there should be enough tissue in the organ, and the patient's condition should allow for many hours of operation, which, by the way, lasts about 6-8 hours). . .

Potential risks and consequences of surgery

Despite the seeming simplicity of the above operations, they can have not only a pleasant result, but also unpleasant consequences. So, speaking of ligamentotomy,it is impossible not to mention the possibility of several complications, such as:

Erectile Disorder - Complication of Ligamentotomy
  • bleeding;
  • erectile disorder;
  • infection;
  • deformation of the penis.

This is possible if certain technical difficulties arose during the operation, because it was performed by an unqualified surgeon.

After lipofilling, the risk of getting a different result than in question is less than with ligamentotomyand most often comes down to the possibility of infection, the appearance of an asymmetry of the penis, or insufficient correction.

It should also be understood that aesthetic surgery is primarily used to resize the penis as much as possible. This means that the patient must have a realistic understanding of what result he can expect after the operation.

Such procedures can increase the length of the penis by no more than 3-5 cm, everything else is either misleading or fraudulent.

Summarizing all of the above, we can say that surgery to enlarge the penis is not a myth, but not a "miracle" due to which the penis will dramatically increase in size. In addition, there is a considerable list of contraindications and consequences of such a decision. Therefore, if the size of the penis is within the normal range, it is worth thinking twice before deciding on an operation.