Size is not the main thing? The whole truth about penis enlargement

small penis how to increase

In the modern world, most physiological problems can already be solved. For example, there are several real ways to enlarge your penis.

With a strong desire and perseverance at home, you can increase the penis by 2-3 centimeters, but not all methods guarantee the result for a long time.

Whatever prompts a man to increase the size of the genital organ, this desire is feasible even at home and is quite normal.

For this, various techniques have been developed, which can be divided into operating and non-surgical.

Method one: exercise

There are muscles inside the penis. They, like any others, can be trained. Therefore, the easiest and safest recipe for how to enlarge your penis at home is to do exercises. This will not only help to increase the length and width of the penis, but also improve the erection. It is important to understand that there will not be a quick result. It will take at least several months, and maybe years, to increase the size of the penis with the help of exercises.

There are two types of exercises of this kind: jelqing and uli-jelqing. The first type is used for lengthening and the second for thickening. A combined approach can be used.

The essence of jelqing is that one hand grasps the base, and the other - the head. Then stretching movements are made from the root to the head.

In uli-jelqing, you need to tightly squeeze the penis with one or both hands (not just grab it, as in regular jelqing). All exercises last about 40 seconds and are performed in 5 sets. You can increase the time and approaches gradually, if it does not work out right away.

When doing exercises for the muscles of the penis, it is very important not to damage anything. Therefore, if you feel acute pain, you should immediately stop exercising.

Be sure to prepare your penis before exercising - warm it up with rubbing movements of your hands or with a warm compress.

Method two: hyaluronic acid

It is possible to increase the size of the penis with hyaluronic acid by several centimeters, and it is safe and does not affect sensitivity. The whole procedure takes about an hour and consists in pumping a special gel based on hyaluronic acid into the glans of the penis. The gel does not spread and provides a permanent form for about a year or two.

There are medical indications for penis enlargement, so you won't be able to sign up for such a procedure yourself.

A deviation from the norm of length is considered to be 12 centimeters in a state of erection. Therefore, if the penis is correct, you should think about whether there really is a problem. In any case, first of all, you need to undergo a full examination by a urologist.

Method three: operation

The operation to lengthen the penis is called ligamentotomy. This option also has its own nuances. First, as in the previous method, a comprehensive examination is required. Secondly, surgical intervention is always a risk, because complications can begin.

But this is a proven method - with its help it is really possible to permanently enlarge the penis by about 3 centimeters during the operation and by 2 more - with the further use of an extender, a medical device for penis enlargement. It should be worn at home for several months. The extender is made individually for each patient.

During the operation, the penis is pulled out from under the pubic bone, after cutting the suspension ligament. After that, the patient should be in the hospital for about two more days.

Method four: vacuum pump

This method is quite popular, it gives a quick but short-lived result. Due to the outflow of air, blood rushes to the penis and it increases. The same thing happens with the penis during an erection - blood fills the cavernous bodies inside it, because of this, its size becomes larger.

But this effect is temporary, because as soon as the blood begins to drain from the penis, it will return to its original state.

From which method is the result more reliable?

To date, there are no other working ways to enlarge the penis. Pills, lotions and creams are sheer quackery. Of the methods listed in the article, only surgical intervention can be considered the most effective. Thanks to the operation, the penis will not decrease in the future and will not lose its shape. So, despite the risks, you can really solve the problem, if it really exists.